Swaparooni – Blue & Brown is here!!!

As noted before my Swaparooni package from C arrived today!!!!

JL told NHL that he had presents waiting for him at home from a special thing mommy was doing. NHL all but flew out of the car into the house to check it out.

He started with the M&M note card thanking him for helping me pick out the things for C. He felt so special. He also heard me read the beautifully hand written note from C to me (nice teacher writing BTW *wink*). In this it stated there were two things for NHL & JSL. So I found one and gave it to him to open. Play Doh!!!! He was thrilled and can’t wait to use it with me next week when he’s home with JSL and I. After that he helped us to open JSL’s first gift . . . a ever so sweet Clifford Puppy book.

Next we saw the yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies. We all had some of those while waiting for dinner to cook. NHL then helped me open few other thing. After a minute he looks at me and asks where his other was since the note said two. I had to laugh that he really was listening.

So we found the next one for NHL. It was a blue Crayola crayon thermos. A perfect thing for a little guy who is starting school in September. Then he helped to open JSL’s second gift. It was an adorable Blues Clues outfit. How C knew he was a favorite I will never know. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then I opened my things. An aromatherapy bath fizz, Rolos (my favorite), an organizer with lots of goodies in (great note cards, stickers, post-it notes, and post cards of places where C is from), a gorgeous painting that C made with Acrylic paints, great wooden spoon for baking, fun pens, and a photo magnet frame.

JL was thrilled with his chocolate treats. And we can’t wait to try Kosher tea biscuits . . . and we all chuckled at the cute animal plates.

Here are some photos of everything.

This is everything all together:
All of my Blue & Brown Swaparooni things

Things on the left:
Blue & Brown Swaparooni things

Things in the middle:
Blue & Brown Swaparooni things

Things on the right:
Blue & Brown Swaparooni things

C you did an amazing job picking things out to spoil my family and me. Thank you so much. Stay in touch and e-mail me when your baby girl makes her debut.

C’est Moi
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  • anonymous says:

    And we can’t wait to try Kosher tea biscuits

    Actually, I’ve eaten them before and really like them. Good choice, C.