Another bathroom funny

I am starting to think the bathroom is going to be a comedy club in our house with two little boys.

Last night JL went out to help my grandmother with her computer. JSL went to sleep early and NHL went to bed. I was checking on the boys quickly before I took my shower.

I am just about to leave the room when NHL sees me.

NHL – “Mommy why are you here?”

Me – “Just checking on you and JSL”

NHL – “I need to go potty, then will you sleep on my door?”

Me – “Sure NHL, let’s go to the bathroom.”

So we walk to the bathroom. NHL was stumbling there like a drunk sailor with his eyes barely open. Thanks to this I offered to help him, since I’m afraid he’s half asleep and will pee on my wall.

Me – “NHL, let me help you and then you can go right to bed”. I will touch so you won’t need to wash your hands.”

NHL – “No mommy, I want to touch my penis!”

Yes, ladies and gentleman he is a boy, that’s for sure.   *sigh* 

C’est Moi

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