JSL Big Melon up!

JSL is a tummy sleeper. Thanks to this he usually curls up when I try to do tummy time with him and he never wants to play. Well today I found inspiration for him. I placed one of NHL’s toy cars in front to make him pick up his big old melon off the floor. WHOA!  The kid has muscles when he wants to use them. Prior to this he’s lifted his head for a few second here and there. Well, today was mighty different. Today he had his head up for several minutes (3-5). After that he had enough and I put him in his swing. In less than 5 minutes he was chomping on his bib and rocked asleep. The little monkey was all tuckered out from the work. Mind you he also played on his gym mat for quite a while before that on his back kicking his legs and flailing his arms. 

I am more watchful with JSL and his milestones sine NHL had low muscle tone and was hypotonic. If JSL doesn’t do certain things by a specific time I will be first on line to call Early Intervention to have him evaluated. As I have learned the earlier you get therapy the better. 

C’est Moi

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