Look at me now!

I have my own blog on my own URL!!!

OK, so as I sit here and type this it technically isn’t working 100%, but is sort of.

Anyway, for quite some time JL has been trying to get me to set up my blog outside of LiveJournal. I finally sucked it up and made the switch yesterday thanks to tricks that LiveJournal is pulling. So my webmaster hooked me up with theangelforever.com and voila. . . here I am!

So my handy dandy webmaster has been working away at switching things over and setting them up for me now. As I type I am using an alternate location, but by the time you see this I will be 100% live.

I’m so excited since all of the blogs I love to visit are on their own and use WordPress. This is a fun new adventure for me to be going on while I enter the SAHM world.

Lots to catch up on later. More to come later about things that have happened in the wild and wacky world that is my life.

C’est Moi

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