There’s a horse in my living room!

Oh wait, never mind it’s just a GIANT centipede. Seriously we could have put a saddle on this thing.

We had just walked in after the open house for PreK kids at NHL’s school tonight when the following happened (Side freak note –> My baby starts school in a week – ACK!).:

I am barely into the dining room and JL screams to me to get a tissue quickly. What the heck? So I look and see they are right near him. I am afraid to ask, but quickly realize just what he’s trying to corner. Trapped by NHL’s toys that are in the middle of the floor is a monster centipede that is trying to escape.  Thank goodness JL managed to get this creature and dispose of it.


I am not exaggerating here. This sucker was at least as long as my pinky finger and much wider with legs factored into the equation. I mean when it moved I saw it’s legs moving from across the room.

Seriously these things give me the heebie jeebies. Just the thought of them makes my skin crawl. I had never seen them prior to moving into this house and apparently they are rampant with all of our neighbors. I don’t mind if they are here since they are harmless and eat spiders, but stay in the basement darn you! Clearly this bad boy had been feasting in a good location.

On that note I am off to read and sleep. I shall report on 4 year old physical fun tomorrow.

C’est Moi

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