But I’m not 3 anymore!!!

Today I took NHL for his  4 year old physical (details coming later – if I stay awake). So my grandmother came with me to help with JSL. NHL is called in and my favorite nurse calls us back. He was weighed and measured. The following conversation took place between NHL to Nurse C.

NHL – “Which room are we going in?”

Nurse C – “Room 3”

The following is said with all seriousness and was a quick reply.

NHL – “But I’m not 3 anymore!”

Nurse C – “What NHL?”

NHL – “We can’t go into room 3, I’m not 3 anymore. I’m 4 now”

At this point Nurse C, my grandmother and I are doing everything not to burst into hysterics. We were ready to die laughing.


C’est Moi

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