Vegas Vacation needed!

Yes you read that right I need a Las Vegas vacation. JL and I went there in December of 2002 and had an amazing trip. It was billed as the last big vacation alone before we had kids. Little did we know at the time that we were technically pregnant with NHL while we were there. While there not only did we get to visit with my Aunt L, Uncle J and cousin M, we also saw a bunch of amazing shows.

Now I’m going to admit something. I am guilty of watching America’s Got Talent. There really isn’t much on the boob tube in the summer and it was clean programing to watch while nursing JSL. JL and I were immediately drawn into 3-4 of the acts. We loved the Glamazons for what they stood for. They had a great act and they showed viewers that they were proud of their curvy bodies and willing to show it. I also loved Cas Haley. His voice was soothing, and his background story to make a better life for his wife and son were wonderful. You also had to admire him for being a stay at home dad.

Still another act immediately wowed both of us. We were blown away by the talent of Terry Fator. He not only is a ventriloquist, but his characters do famous impersonations. It’s hard enough for most people to do this with their lips moving, but Fator can do it without and most times you think that person is there. Amazing talent.

Last night they had the final episode of America’s Got Talent and the two final acts were Cas Haley and Terry Fator. In our opinion the best entertainer won – that being Terry Fator. They also announced that Fator is in the works for a Vegas show of his own at Bally’s Jubilee hall. The best part is Fator is going to give a chunk of the money to his sister to have a costly procedure done to help her rheumatoid arthritis that insurance will not cover.

Even before the win we thought Fator had an amazing act for Vegas. I said to JL last night “I wanna go back to Vegas and see him!”  We loved all of the shows we saw in Vegas, but were disappointed at the time not to be able to see one that we REALLY wanted to see. This looks even better than that. So someday maybe we’ll be able to take a trip.

Here’s a promotional video for Terry Fator so you can see his talent.

C’est Moi

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