An entirely good day!!!!!


As previously noted NHL had a good drop off yesterday. At about 11:15 his teacher e-mailed me to tell me that the morning was wonderful, no tears at all and she left and he was actually eating lunch. When I picked him up in the afternoon everyone came out all smiles and I got a super report from Miss L. She said is was a great day and he used the bathroom again. When we got home the kids were outside so he played some. Later on we went inside and I looked at his lunch box. His cheese dog (cheese stick on a hot dog bun) was gone and so were the grapes! Only the juice and wheat thins were there. Miss L also e-mailed me back to let me know that he does eat snack every day, so at least I know he eats something even if not lunch.

This morning he said he was going to go into the building with one of the teachers that was outside. When we got there neither of the two from yesterday was there. I got out of the car to help him out and one of the other teachers came over. NHL grabbed my hand. I told her I would take him in since yesterday was his first day with no tears. We talked and then one of the teachers from yesterday came. He took both of our hands and walked into the building. When we got there Miss L was down the hall waiting for him. NHL hesitated, so Miss L came over and he went to her after giving me a kiss.

I think he was off today since he isn’t feeling well. I gave him some allergy medicine to see if it’s allergies or the start of a cold. His voice is very weak and he’s sneezing a lot. I wonder if he’s getting what a few other kids have (his best friend P was out yesterday and we were all with her and the rest of the class Sunday at the party). I know he sounded like I feel. My throat hurts and there’s only so much I can take while nursing JSL.

Hopefully more good reports to come from school.

C’est Moi


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  • Kmelion says:

    It may be that NHL has a slight fear of strangers. From what I’ve been reading, drop-off tends to go better when there’s a teacher he’s familiar with waiting.

    Perhaps you can introduce him to all the teachers so he’ll feel at ease during drop-off. (Maybe when he sees a new teacher waiting, go up with him and introduce yourself and NHL to the teacher and get her name too…)

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: Welcome to my new blog!

    You are on to something with your comment. I just wish in other situations that he wouldn’t talk to strangers (obtaining a book about that ASAP).

    NHL has a fear of change and the new people at the school are frightening to him. We have tried little by little to introduce ourselves to people to help drop off and it seems to be working since there are not more tantrums or tears.

    Today will be the test since daddy brought him in (I’m really sick) and his teacher is out for the day at a conference.

    C’est Moi