A good morning – WAHOO!

This morning JL talked with NHL about still using the potty. As they were chatting he apparently told daddy that today is the day he’s going to start eating his lunch. Man I really hope so.

On the way to school (NHL actually requests that I take him) we talked. I said to him he was such a big boy. I asked him if he would run into school and give Miss L a big hug and tell her "Let’s go!" He said sure. So I kept asking him what he was going to do and he repeated it.

When we got to school two other teachers from the building were outside and asked if he wanted them to walk him in. He clutched my arm and I said "Thanks, but maybe tomorrow"  When the second said it, NHL actually said the same thing to them.

So we walked to the main door of the building and another classmate was there with us. When we got to the door Miss L was there and NHL went running to her to give her a hug. He had to remember to turn around to say goodbye to me. No hard feelings on my side, I was so thrilled to see him happy and not crying.

Crossing my fingers and toes that yesterday was us getting over that pesky hump finally.

 C’est Moi

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  • Sandra says:

    Go N, its your birthday! Go N, its your birthday! LOL! YAY!! Good job on sticking in there until the hump was hurdled! Knew it would get here- just took a little while, not long really in the scheme of things. It must have finally clicked with him that this is how it has to be so he may as well flow with it. Good going momma! I think lots of praise and maybe a good bribe treat is in store! :)

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: It’s really odd how kids do things on their own time frame. The nice thing is I was sitting here nursing JSL and got the following message from NHL’s teacher:

    “NHL had a great morning. No tears!!!! He was able to sit in the hallway after he arrived. He was eating his grapes when I left the cafeteria for lunch. See you in a bit!”

    So maybe he is listening to all of us and not being so pig headed for a change. Tomorrow will be a little more challenging. His teacher will be out the next two days at a conference. I don’t want him to be flipped when he doesn’t see Miss L, so we’ll talk about it tonight. I will tell him about how I used to have special teachers go to my classroom when I was home with him.

    C’est Moi