My Literal Son

I should have known that NHL would be literal just like his daddy was when he was little. NHL is becoming more and more like JL it’s frightening.

This morning’s drop off at school was rough. NHL had to go into a different door, and he hasn’t been at school since Wednesday thanks to Rosh Hashana. Anyway, when I left his teacher was dragging him into the building with lots of screaming.

What a difference this afternoon was. When his teacher came out she was smiling and gave me a thumbs up. She was excited to tell me that NHL had also used the potty. WAHOO! Yes, it only took him until day 7 (third week) to use the potty.

So what was the breakthrough? A little conversation we had with his teacher at a bowling party for a classmate yesterday afternoon. Yes, you read that right, his teacher also went to the party and the kids were so thrilled, including NHL. Anyway, she was telling me that she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t use the potty since she told him the auto-flusher was broken.

  <— is the lightbulb in my head that went off.

I looked her straight in the face and said I think we may have solved the problem. We were telling him it wans’t broken. Why? Well, when we asked him why he wouldn’t go potty, he said because Miss L told him it was broken.

So this morning JL told him that the auto-flusher was broken, but he could still use the potty. I kid you not, when his teacher told him it was broken he just assumed he couldn’t use it.

JL’s mother used to tell stories about JL at this age and into 2nd/3rd grade and how literal he was. *sigh* I guess we need to warn his teachers now since this could be an issue.

Now we’re just hoping the peeing there continues. The poor kid was holding it for 8 hours. Today he actually could talk to me since he wasn’t concentrating on getting home to go.

C’est Moi


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  • Sarah says:

    Kids are funny. Glad you got that situation straightened out! Poor NHL.

    E’s dad tells a story about how when he was 5 or so and playing pee wee softball or something like that, his dad and mom called from the sidelines, “Choke up on the bat!” and E quite literally coughed on the bat. HA HA HA HA

  • JL says:

    JL here.

    I’ve got to relate a story that might show just how much NHL is like me. I believe this happened when I was in the 2nd grade. It was wintertime and I entered the classroom with my heavy coat on.

    After sitting down at my desk, the teacher asked me to take off my coat. So I took it off and dropped it on the floor next to my chair. My teacher asked me to hang it up, so I hung it up on the back of my chair. My teacher asked me to hang it up on the coat hooks, so I finally put it where she originally wanted me to put it.

  • Sandra says:

    That JL story just sound like a PITA kid ROFL!!!

    I am SO glad you figured out that problem for NHL though momma! Hopefully things continue to improve from here on out!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sarah: It looks like NHL had his own schedule on how to handle things. This morning he told JL that today was the day to start eating lunch. I guess we will see how it goes. I know that drop off went pretty well this morning.

    The story of E is just too cute! I really think it may be a boy thing with this age. I remember when I was teaching kindergarten and 1st grade the boys were still pretty literal.

    Happy Baby boy coming vibes! Can’t wait to see photos of your little guy.

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    JL: Thanks for telling the story. I thought it was at the start of the year though. I loved that story from your parents and the one about not getting off the bus and staying on it once.

    Man we are going to have WAY too much fun with NHL aren’t we? You best apologize to his teacher next time you see her ;)

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: LOL – I would agree, but so many kids are like this and wouldn’t know how to be a PITA if they knew how to. Now mind you when JL does stuff like this now – he’s definitely being a PITA!

    This morning went pretty well. Tomorrow we are going to try to just get out of the car and walk up with one of the other people that work at school. JL and I are going to coach him about that tonight.

    C’est Moi

  • JL says:

    Well, since you told the start of the bus story, I guess I’ll have to tell the whole thing.

    I was in elementary school (not sure which grade), and my parents told me that I wasn’t allowed to cross the road by myself. Perfectly ok, of course.

    Well, every day the bus would drop me off at the end of my block and I would walk over to my house and in. One day, the bus driver (for some reason) went down my block in the opposite direction. This meant that I was going to be dropped off on the other side of the street.

    Can you see what’s coming?

    Well, I knew I wasn’t allowed to cross the street, so I just stayed on the bus. One of the kids who got off told my mother that I stayed on the bus so she had to run to her car and drive after the bus to get me. ;-)

    Hey, I was just being a good boy and listening to my Mommy! What’s wrong about that? ;-)

  • Sandra says:

    LOL! Now that is too funny. To get in a kid’s mind to see what is ticking would be more than interesting! LOL!