Broken heart – repair needed

Drop off went better yesterday with me taking NHL. Problem is we didn’t know if it was me taking him, his OT being there, his real teacher being there or something else.

Things did not repeat this morning. My heart was ripped from my chest and is broken. I sit here trying to stop tears as I relive the horrifying screams and cries NHL just did this morning.

When NHL and I arrived we went in the same door since we were never given officiial alternate plans. Once down the hall only  the assistant teacherr was there and he started to panic and ask for his teacher.  The panic quickly escalated  to screams, crying, and all out hysterics. The assistant teacher took his hand and he started to kick and clutch for me, I quickly left and felt like a heartless bitch.

You need to realize I never dropped NHL off before. Daddy did since he worked next to daycare. i never had to witness this EVER and I don’t want to again.

JL just told me that this morning while getting ready NHL told him he didn’t like his teacher. JL asked who and he said the assistant teacher. This morning was also the first day that he didn’t rush out of bed to get ready. He actually said to me "I don’t want to go to school"

I just wish I could get into his little mind and see what was whirling around in there. Hopefully he rebounds from this morning and has a decent day. The not eating lunch, the refusing to use the bathroom and horrible drop offs really worry me. In all honesty I think his reaction would be like this to any new school. He left his comfort zone of 3 years and this is tough.

Off I go to cry and comfort and comfort JSL.

C’est Moi

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  • Steff says:

    awww….so sorry its going so rough for him. Is his main teacher not in class at drop off time every day?
    We did have issues with the asst teacher last year for a while and K absolutely would not go to her PERIOD until second semester. She had a tendency though unintentional to be very short with the lil ones. She has greatly improved. will keep praying for ya;ll. HUGS

  • Sandra says:

    I hope the couple days off from there plus some positive encouragement from mom and dad will be the bandage that Mr NHL needs to cope with school. I am so sorry that you had to go thru that. I was actually going to suggest you try to take him in and I forgot to say anything- I see that plan didnt help at all. Has he verbalized exactly why he is so resistant? I Know lots of kids don’t handle change but this seems a little more than usual with that problem. Would they allow you to bring him into the class and observe from the back to see what you can come up with that could be the culprit? It seems like it should have calmed down, at least a little, by now. Hang in there. You will figure things out eventually! Oh HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Steff: Thanks! No, the entire school has a morning routine. Since it’s PreK-5 in the building all of the kids from car line and bus go wait outside their classrooms. There an aid waits for them and they sit down with their bags and wait until 8:00. At this time the teachers come and they go into the room and unpack. NHL’s teacher has met me several times and JL as well. I’m still waiting to hear from her to see what she wants to do Monday. She said the principal may want her to meet him at the car line door.

    I still don’t know exactly why he doesn’t like the aid. It’s very odd. Unsure if she did something that bothered him or if it was that she’s there at lunch when he has a rough time.

    Thanks for the hugs :)

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    SandraI’m fearful that the days home with us for Rosh Hashana could make things worse when he goes back Monday and has to do it all over again. Next week is also the first full week, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

    I have seen this as a teacher with kids before, so I’m not shocked. You just hope it won’t be your child. Most of the time you see this when a child starts kindergarten or first grade, but in this school it’s a combined PreK/K class . . . so VERY high expectations in the room. He just turned 4, so he’s little and it will take patience and time from all of us involved.

    I think it’s best if I don’t go in. If he sees me he may flip out and matters would only be worse. We’re trying to get him to verbalize more about what is bothering him, but like a typical male it’s like pulling teeth. GRRRRR!

    Thanks for the New Year wish :)

    C’est Moi