4 Month Well Visit

Yesterday I took JSL for his 4 month well visit. We made the appointment with the new doctor in the practice (now there are two doctors and one PA). I loved her. She was so caring, sweet and really got involved in the questions she asked me. In fact she wanted to see JSL do some of the things and picked him up to try them with him.

Now here are a few of the things that happened.

The nurse brought us back and measured him. He’s 23 1/4 inches tall (I believe from the charts that’s about the 10th percentile). Then it was time to strip him to get a weight. I put him on the scale and he was very upset about being naked. The scale was reading 10.5 pounds.

I don’t think so! –> Hello the kid was born at almost 9 pounds!

She tried to fix the scale again to work and thank goodness I asked for something to put over my little sprinkler. Second later he peed all over the place. Fun!

No matter what she did, the scale wasn’t working. After the doctor did the exam she asked another nurse to see if she could get it to work. This time he weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces (that’s about the 75th percentile).

She immediately told me that we were good to go on trying cereal. I looked at her and said no thank you, I want to wait until he shows interest in food. At this point he’s quite content with only breast milk. She was floored and told me it was refreshing to hear someone like this. I told her I was in no rush, and carting baby food around and feeding them that is more complicated than nursing him at this point. She completely agreed and said since he’s gaining weight, sleeping at night, and going long periods during the day without nursing he’s fine. In fact she was floored that he hasn’t woken up for a feeding since he was 2-3 weeks old. I don’t count when he goes to sleep early and wakes up at 4-6 to eat. . . that I understand completely. I count my blessings since this could stop at any time.

So she’s very happy with his development and was impressed with his strength. He’s babbling consonants, rolling from tummy to back (almost able to go back to tummy), pushing to stand when sitting on a lap, and can sit up in a tripod stance for a minute or so before toppling over. We watch carefully on these things since NHL had low muscle tone.

The poor monkey had four immunizations. He was so good for them and smiled a few minutes after until he fell asleep. Today he was a little cranky and was projectile vomiting Tylenol at me, but was better this evening. So now we see how things are before our next visit with the same doctor in 2 months.

C’est Moi

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