PreK day one reactions & pizza burn

As previously mentioned (And So it Begins) NHL’s first day of PreK was yesterday. I went early to make sure I got a parking spot to pick him up. Thank goodness since they let them out 5 minutes early. I could only imagine how scared he would have been if Mommy wasn’t there.

So Ms. L tells me that NHL had a good day and we head off to the car down the street. The first thing out of NHL’s mouth "I didn’t get to use the computers!" I kid you not, that is what the child said to me. Not "Hi Mommy" – nope it was a complaint about that and then not being able to play with the puzzles.

After a reminder from me he gave me a hug and told me that he had a good day. In the car he told me about his "best friend" and asked if he could have something to drink when he got home because they threw away his apple juice.


So NHL tells me his version of what happens and it doesn’t quite make sense. So JL asked about it this morning. Then he told me that at the new school they only go to the playground once a day not twice like at his nursery school. These adjustments are going to take time.

This morning he was just as excited to get up and go to school. JL called a few minutes ago to tell me that he wasn’t quite as eager to go once he got there. They went in together one more time and eventually NHL said goodbye and was good. JL asked the questions he had and also told them about last evenings events. (Tomorrow JL will only walk him to the outside door and NHL will go to his classroom alone)

JL is trying to get NHL more involved in making dinner so he’ll be more interested in eating things (boy can 4 year old be a PITA). Last night we made pizza. So NHL helped JL to make one of them. When it came out of the oven JL told him that it was hot. Well, 4 year olds are fast and before JL knew what happened, NHL was point and touching the pizza slice he wanted. He burned himself pretty badly. He finally calmed down enough and a little while later we had him soaking it in water to hydrate the skin. A small blister was forming, but this morning it’s hardly there. *sigh* Never a dull moment I tell ya.

So we shall see how things go today. They know to keep an eye on him at lunch to make sure he can open the juice and to speed him up while eating. With any luck he will still be happy this afternoon when I pick him up.

 C’est Moi



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