The sweet sound of baby laughs

Ah, nothing can warm your heart more than the tiny, belly laughs of a baby. Every so often you can still hear some of the same laughs coming from four year old NHL. It brings back memories of making him laugh and likewise him making us laugh. With NHL there were words of the day that would just make him break out into hysterical laughter. We have been waiting to hear some of these from JSL. Last night while I was changing his onesie thanks to baby spot up I asked him "Is that funny?" Well, apparently that was just hilarious. JSL was giggling like crazy. JL and NHL even heard it at the dining room table. Unfortunately by the time JL came in to get a video of it, JSL was too tired from laughing so much. So we will have to capture it again soon.

Here’s a video of NHL laughing when he was 6 months old February 21, 2004. For some reason he thought the work "sugar" was the most hilarious word. We had just been talking about the now gone Krispy Kreme opening. We happened to say the word and the rest is history.


C’est Moi

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