*sniffle* *snort* *snot* – It’s officially September

UGH!   I feel like complete and total crud.

At first I thought it may be allergies, then I thought just sinuses bothering me. . . . now I know it’s my September sickness setting in.

Really, every year between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur I end up sick. Typically I can blame it on the stress of a new school year (teaching) and the kids, but not this time. I have a feeling I caught something at the bowling party since a bunch of the kids have been out. It started with a headache, sore throat, head pressure, congestion, runny nose – and then full blown body aches and *sniffle, snort, snoting* – YUCK!

My motto – "Help me I dare you!"  

I have called the doctors office asking what I can take since I’m nursing JSL. They called back and suggested something for a chest cold. After I figured this out (with the help of my handy dandy pharmacist brother), I called them back to clarify it’s a head cold (not in my chest YET), and my sinuses are killing me. So now I sit and wait to hear what I can do, if anything. I did take ibuprofen to help with the aches and pain and low grade fever. Now I just hope I am the only one with this. . . and I worry about JSL the most since he’s only 4 months old.

Off to find more tissues.

C’est Moi

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