The feeding debate is over – perhaps

No more need to wonder when to try solid food for the firs time with JSL.

At dinner tonight JSL was not happy. Usually he will sit in his highchair and play with toys and be happy. Sure he will watch and talk with us, but no fussing unless he wants to be held. This was not what happened tonight. JSL was antsy and kept making fish faces at us.

I went and got a bowl of water and one of the baby spoons. I spoon fed him some water (he’s only had water two other times – so that was also new). He really loved it and wanted more. I looked at JL and asked if I should break open the rice cereal. He said sure give it a shot since he was making even more sucking noises and fish face.

Here’s his first reaction:


More slop goes in:


Which means that some must come back out:


 Note he’s grabbing my hand to try to stop me:


And now here’s a video taken soon after:


As you can see, JSL was not too thrilled with eating food. Personally I think he was upset he didn’t have what we were eating. That slop didn’t look good, but it’s the thing to start with. We will try it again tomorrow and go from there. Who knows we just may not be ready. Thanks to everyone for the input after my last blog entry about making this decision.

 Before all of this fun and excitement (while I was preparing the rice cereal) NHL was having fun entertaining JSL. Here is JSL laughing at crazy NHL:


Here’s another video of JSL in hysterics thanks to his funny big brother:



C’est Moi


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  • Jennifer says:

    He’s beautiful! Love the grin!

  • Nancy says:

    You can take my opinion for what it’s worth (you know what they say about opinions), but you really can skip the cereal. Neither of my boys really liked it – I think I gave it to both of them a handful of times. Try going right to mashed avocado or banana. Applesauce is really easy to make – even this Mama who can’t cook to save her life can do it.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Nancy: I’m right there with you on this opinion. We will just try the cereal again tonight. If it goes well, we will continue and do it for 3-4 days. The rice was gross. NHL would not go back after he had oatmeal. My next step is to do yam/sweet potato, carrots, and other veggies before fruit. JL and I want to try making our own since it isn’t hard if we’re making purees for recipes anyway ;) And we will definitely be making crock-pot applesauce.

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Jennifer: Thank you very much and welcome to my blog :)