To feed or not to feed?

JSL will be 6 months old on November 14. To date he has been exclusively breastfed. When we went for his 4 month well baby visit about a month ago our doctor told me that we could start rice cereal or any solids. I explained to her that I was in no rush since he did not seem interested and was content with mommy milk. She said that was refreshing to hear and said that was fine.

Fast forward to now. JSL is still sleeping 6-10 hour stretches at night and goes 2-4 hours during the day between feedings. Some people are starting to put some pressure about starting solids now. I am in no big rush.

Does he show interest in food?    Um, I guess so. He’s interested in anything and everything that is near him and he can grab and try to stick in his mouth. He is now at the dinner table eating meals with us. He is not at all upset just sitting there watching/talking with us while we eat. Does he look at the food? Yes. Does he try to grap it? Sometimes, but he isn’t agitated about it any more than not getting a toy to chew on.

At this point I think we are going to keep holding out until we see he’s really interested. Most likely we will start when he’s 6 months old. Most things say wait until 6 months, but more lately are saying it is even better to hold out longer. Selfishly I want to hold out as long as I can. I like the bonding time with him and the perk of no monthly visitor while he is not eating solids. In addition to this,  it complicates life more than just nursing. You have to make sure you have a bowl, spoon, food and everything else ready. Then you need bibs and ugh the mess. We all know more in the early days end up all over the kid and not in them.

I know we will start in the not too distant future, but at this time if he’s content why rush?

Here’s a photo sequence of NHL when he started solids. He was just a little over 5 months old when he started and looking back I think it was a little too early. I guess with first children you are anxious to see milestones accomplished, but savoring the moments with the next and most likely last baby.

 NHL's 1st solid food

C’est Moi

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  • Nancy says:

    That in between stage of having to feed them is definitely a pain. I’m so happy Zach is feeding himself now, since he just eats off his tray, but of course he’s a mess.

    My pediatrician wanted us to start him after 4 months, but before 6 months. There is new evidence that starting solids after 6 months increases chances of allergies. I was planning to wait until 6 months anyway, but Zach was showing definite interest in our food – he was definitely not happy just sitting in his chair while we ate. He’s a huge eater though, with a huge appetite.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Nancy: My parents watched the boys last night so we could go out to eat. She said that JSL was very interested in food. When I asked how so, she mentioned he was grabbing for things. My thing is if she had a pencil on the table he would grab for that. He isn’t mimicking the chewing thing yet. I know that is something to look for.

    It’s interesting I have read research saying very different things about waiting later and allergies. I am sure his interest is going to perk soon since he is so keen on watching us, especially NHL. A lot can happen in the next 17 days before he is 6 months old. So much growth and change happens in a day, so before you know it I will be posting photos of him eating.

    C’est Moi

  • Cara says:

    Good for you for waiting :) Personally, I waited until she would physically pick something up off her tray and put it in her mouth on her own :) Which happened at 11.5 months, and ironically my first cycle showed up exactly 2 weeks later. :P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  • Shawna says:

    I’ve always been one to think that you have to wait until they’re ready for the “big” stuff–eating solids, potty-training, etc. But that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have kids! I’d probably be cramming a turkey sandwich down a baby’s throat at 3 months because I was afraid he/she wasn’t eating solids soon enough.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Cara: Welcome to my blog :)

    Today the little guy was REALLY watching me at lunch. I even saw him making mouth movements. Anything put on his tray always goes to his mouth, so no waiting required there. I have a feeling we are starting rice cereal soon (already have it in the house). Now I just need to get some good bibs that I can wipe clean for feedings. Not looking forward to “Aunt Flo” coming back – ick!

    Again I love your Etsy store and contest :)

    C’est Moi

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: LOL on the turkey sandwich – man that sounds yummy!

    We have always done that with NHL over the last four years. It works nicely except once. . . with walking. We thought since he was so young and talking sentences that it was fine. We were wrong :( Still for most things like eating and potty training they really do let you know when they are ready to be successful.

    C’est Moi

  • citystreams says:

    I’m so impressed that you’ve breast-fed exclusively for 6 months! Way to go! I’ll be starting back to work in a few weeks so Bri will be getting 1/2 formula and 1/2 breast milk. I wish I could pump enough to make it to 6 months but I know I won’t be able to. Congrats to you though! You’re a great mom :o)

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Citystreams: Thanks – I truly was blessed with a great supply and have no had to supplement with either of the boys.

    You have done a great job. Remember every little bit of breastmilk is great for Bri and formula is just as good. Pumping is a pain and if I had gone back to school I don’t know how long I could have kept up. They weren’t being very helpful with time to do it, another thing that swayed me to stay home now.

    Good luck and enjoy the rest of your maternity leave.

    C’est Moi

  • Your boys are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for the feeding of solids I would wait too. I didn’t start mine on solids until he started waking up in the middle of the night to feed again. That is when I knew he needed something that would stick with him longer.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Someone Being Me: Thank you for coming to my blog. It has me thinking now to come up with a give away. I have to think about it.

    So far my little guy is not waking up in the middle of the night unless he went to bed early and didn’t really nurse. I don’t remember how my older son was, four years ago is a long time. I really think he’s getting interested and we will start soon.

    C’est Moi