Tummy bug gets the little guy


A sick and clingy baby with frequent diaper changes = tired mommy. 

Poor JSL is battling some sort of stomach virus. Yesterday he was unable to keep food (Cheerios, graham cracker, and veggie puffs) along with milk in and down. Thanks to this I called the doctor in the early evening and we did the Pedialyte thing. He kept that in to stay hydrated and was very soggy this morning. Our doctor said if he seemed better in the morning to try nursing again. We did that during the day and he kept it down and in. The only odd thing was that his cheeks were VERY pink. Then the witching hour of 2-3 came and he started to vomit and fill diapers. He was visibly miserable. When we went to change his diaper he would cry since he was so sore. JSL wants to nurse and eat. We tried some Cheerios again at dinner and so far they have stayed in. He is sleeping now and with any luck he will get some rest.

When I picked NHL up at school today they mentioned that people in his room have a stomach bug – so that could solve the mystery. With any luck we can keep hi hydrated and not need to make an emergency trip to the ER.

On that note mommy is heading off to rest . . . since I now hear someone being restless on the monitor.


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  • Shawna says:

    Hope you were able to get some rest and that JSL feels better today.

  • Angella says:

    Hope your little guy is better fast and that you get some rest :)

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: Thanks so much. Luckily he slept that night, but not at all today (and he has been up 3-4 times already this evening). Something big is going on with his poor body and we just do not know what

    Angella: Thank you so much. These sickies are just the pits for the entire family (especially the little guy). This time of year is tough with all of the lovely germs.

    C’est Moi