Twilight – Book Review

Thanks to several people talking up the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I decided to get a copy to read. So Jessica at Kerflop and Kim, I blame both of you (and others) for making me obsessed with finishing the book this weekend. Hey, I wanted to get a jump start on New Moon (book two in the series) while I had some time. Honestly this series has become quite popular with adults and young adults alike. Much like the Harry Potter books, only different – LOL!

Who knew I would be interested in a vampire book? I surely did not. Still I was intrigued with all of the talk of Edward, Bella and Jacob. I must say I was beyond pleasantly surprised. I LOVED the characters. Meyer did a wonderful job leading the reader through the book and setting up the story. I was curious from the start on how Bella would find out about Edward’s secret. My favorite parts were when Bella went to meet the Cullen family and heard how most of the members became vampires. I was beyond hooked at that point.

I do not usually like things that are too suspenseful, but once again this book changed my feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed the end of the book when Bella was chased from the Forks. I wondered how Edward was going to save the day (hello – not spoiling anything here . . . just knew there were many books in the series). Now can not wait to see how it continues since the book left us on the edge of our seat. Thank goodness I have the next one here ready to begin soon.

Another interesting thing to note is there will be a Twilight movie coming out. Meyer has lots of updated information about this on her website. In addition to this she has announced that she is also writing a series of books that show Edwards point of view as opposed to Bella’s from Twilight. A really neat approach that will keep readers happy for years to come!

So, if you need a great book to read and want to get sucked into an enchanting series . . . check these out!


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  • Shawna says:

    I read these books at Kerflop’s suggestion too and I love them! And I can’t STAND vampires, so I was really skeptical at first. I got everyone in my neighborhood book club hooked on them.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: I have a feeling a LOT of people started reading these books thanks to Jessica. I really never imagined myself reading something about vampires either and was very surprised and happy that I took a chance. Right now I’m anxious to really sit down and start reading New Moon.

    Have a great vacation!!

    C’est Moi