6 Month Well Baby Visit

JSL was 6 months old on Wednesday. It is hard to believe that just six short months ago I gave birth to this active little munchkin. He has changed so much in such a short amount of time. So many days he amazes me with new skills and milestones. These fun accomplishments include blowing raspberries, saying "Mama" and "Nana",  rolling/scooting all over to get an item he wants, pulling up to a stand, sitting up for long periods of time on his own (while playing with a toy now too), cutting new teeth, learning to eat, or laughing at his hilarious big brother.

Wednesday morning we went to the doctor for his well baby visit. The weigh in may have been off a little. Just before he was diagnosed with the ear infection at the urgent care place he weighed 19 pounds, Wednesday he was 18.1 pounds (75% again). It may be right since he has not been nursing/eating as well since he was sick. The great news was he had a HUGE growth spurt in height. JSL is now a whopping 26 inches from 23 inches two months ago. Back then he was barely on the charts, but is in the 50th percentile. Everything looked great and no signs of the cold in his chest. He showed many of his tricks to the doctor and much to my relief his muscle tone looks great. We have a lot of concern there since NHL had low muscle tone that was undiagnosed for a while.

I talked with her about a few things. We wanted to know if we should be giving him vitamins. She said no he did not need them since he was being breastfed. Once he’s one and chewing he can do chewable vitamins. She agreed that he needed a prescription for the fluoride drops since he has teeth and our water isn’t treated. Then we chatted about how interested in food JSL is, but how he does not really want to taste/swallow/try things that are true baby foods. She told me not to get too concerned yet since breastmilk is perfectly fine for him. She agreed that I should stop forcing the issue on cereal and move onto yellow veggies. (We did this last night and I will post the video later – did no go too well). She also thought he may really like Cheerios or the Gerber Puffs where he can have them on his tray to try and eat alone. We did that and he likes them, but has issues swallowing.I may call back next week if this continues. I am starting to wonder if some of the swallowing troubles and refusing to eat (clamping mouth SHUT) could be from his slight tongue tie.

After the exam they said he was healthy enough for his immunizations. He needed 5 different things along with the first half of his flu shot. Thank goodness there was one that had three together, so he only needed to be a pin cushion 4 times. We go back for the other half of the flu shot in December and for his 9 month check in February, but NO more shots until he’s 1 after the flu shot!!!!!!

Here is a photo comparison of both of the boys.

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Now we just need to watch his poor little thighs that are SO swollen from the DTaP vaccination and also the flu shot. Poor little guy did not want to stand up much yesterday. On that note I hear someone chatting in his crib after an early morning (4 am) wake up call by big brother NHL. *sigh*


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  • citystreams says:

    Congratulations!! What a fun milestone :o) I can’t wait to hear Bri say “Mama!” I have tried the Coke zero but it was a long time ago. I can’t really remember it. The reason I haven’t gone back to diet drinks is because of the caffeine factor. It makes the little one HYPER a few hours after I’ve already come back down from the caffeine so then I’m even more tired :o) But I’ll have to try zero again after I’m done nursing.
    As far as Christmas goes, we’re using her moolah to buy warm clothes in the next size up. She’s growing so fast! Her 0-3 month clothes are tight on her and she’s only two months old. I can’t wait to see how much she weighs at her two month check-up on Monday. Anyway, hope things are going well up there! Have y’all had any snow yet? Last night it dropped to ..gasp.. 45 degrees here. We were freezing! The day before it’d been in the 80’s and we had the AC running.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Citystreams: Thanks! He mainly says it when he’s really upset or when he wakes up. I do not think he realizes those sounds coming out mean me, not yet. We heard it for the first time last Thursday when we were driving to see my family.

    I gave up caffeinated beverages almost 10 years ago. I rarely drink soda since JL does not like anything carbonated. Saturday I just wanted to try it and had a small glass. It wasn’t half bad. It would be nice if they made a caffeine free Zero Coke – heck they may.

    *sigh* I feel your pain on the need for more baby clothing. People always get you a TON of the teeny tiny sizes that they quickly outgrow and then you have nothing left. Although I have two boys many things are not matching up as nicely with sizes. We lived in an apartment when NHL was a baby that had free heat – so we cranked it. Now we have our own house and are conserving energy – so we need to bundle JSL. Good luck getting things for Bri. Hopefully you can find some nice sales at Kohl, JC Penney or even a Carters outlet if you have them by you.

    No snow here yet, but we may see some flakes in the sky this weekend (or even today). The high today will only be 40, but with the 30 mph winds we are talking wind chills in the 20’s. Ugh! Enjoy your warm weather and know I am super jealous now.

    C’est Moi

  • Baby Advice says:

    Wow 6 months! I miss those days :) I always hated having to give them shots..I think I cried harder than Alex did!

  • citystreams says:

    We use the Playtex drop-in bottles. They are fabulous! The nipple is really wide at the base so it feels a lot like nursing to her. I started out pumping the milk and then after she took that from a bottle I tried formula.
    We use the slow nipple so that she doesn’t spit it all back up!
    The Hubster decided to get his headache before we even left for the mall, so I let him stay home with Bri. So that worked out really well for both of us!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Baby Advice: Thanks for coming to my blog :) I know what you mean about the shots. I always wondered why I am the one that take the boys – my hubby now is in charge of the big guy who puts up a fight.

    *sigh* I love this age. Not too mobile, sweet and innocent, and really developing a personality. The sad part, I know it goes too quickly thanks to being there before with my 4 year old.

    Citystreans: Thanks for the information about the drop-in bottles. We have been using the Platex Vent-Airs when I pump and take a bottle with us. They have been great with NHL and JSL to help avoid excess gas issues. This time around I did not realize that they made bigger wider ones that were made for breastfed babies. Ooops! So, I bought the regular ones that we had when NHL was little and they were new on the market. JSL still gets the slow nipple since he gags on the faster flow ones.

    The nice thing is today he FINALLY figured out how to nurse without using my nipple shield. Mind you now I will have the tenderness that new moms have and I have a 6 month old – LOL!

    C’est Moi

  • Wow 6 months. What a cutie :)

    I’m new to your blog, please feel welcomed to stop on in.


  • TheAngelForever says:

    Jilian Curtis: Welcome to my blog and thank you.

    I went to your website and now am anxious to check out your book. We are constantly reading books with our four year old son. As an educator I love to find new exciting books for my kids that do not have tons of television characters in them.

    C’est Moi