My Silver, Blue & White Swaparooni is here!

Well, it was actually here over the weekend and my neighbor brought it to us Monday night. All of the boys had a blast helping me to dig into the giant box of goodies that came from Airing Dirty Laundry. It was perfect timing since I felt so lousy and it made me smile opening everything and watching the boys laugh and giggle with each and every item they found inside.

Here are some photos of the boys getting to work.

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 There were lots of fun notes inside that had JL and I laughing!

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These are some of NHL and JSL opening things for me and their own gift too. Yes, my Swaparooni pal was sweet and sent each of the boys (including the 30-something one) an item.

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 Rather than bore you with a shot by shot diary of each item being opened here they all are together:

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  • CD for active babies for JSL
  • Eeyore stickers for MOI!  (May have to fight a 4 year old about these)
  • Winnie the Pooh book about Buoyancy for NHL (we are scientists here so we love this)
  • Circle Word Book
  • Set of lavender lotions
  • Star silicone molds – we are all itching to test these out soon!
  • Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
  • A really cute new fabric headband  — I LOVE this!
  • Gummy sharks – NHL and I had some of these today . . . YUM!
  • Local dark chocolate bar for JL
  • Gorgeous note card box
  • Bag of peach tea
  • Rolos that according to my swap buddy have NO point value – LOL!

S did an amazing job selecting goodies for everyone here. Thank you SO much for everything. I sent out her swaparooni package today and it should be there Saturday. Once she has it I will post photos of the items I sent her. Once again another fun swap where I have met a great online friend.


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  • Shawna says:

    I’m so glad you liked it! The swaparooni was such fun and I’m so glad that we were paired up. It’s been so great to get to know you through this little project! I’m so excited for my package to arrive–woohoo!