What a morning – fever & fires!

Last night when we got home from dinner out with family we noticed that JSL was feeling a little warm. We pulled out the thermometer and it was 99 or so. Nothing too alarming, but then again we don’t really know what his "normal" temperature is.

We got him to sleep and at 1:00 new time NHL was up with a nightmare. He would not settle. He came into out bed at about 1:40. There ends most of my sleep.

At 4:30 JSL woke up. JL went to change his diaper and I set up to nurse him. When they came back in he was choking on saliva, his stomach was making awful noises and he started to dry heave. He was miserable. We took his temperature again since he seemed SO hot. It was still under 100. He nursed and fell back asleep and went back to his crib.

NHL woke back up in our bed at 6:30 or so. He would not settle back down, so J took him into the other room. At one point JSL woke up and went into JL’s arms and fell asleep on his tummy. I woke up and went to see everyone at about 8:00. When I went to nurse JSL I felt his head. He was burning up, lethargic, moaning, and had glazed over eyes. This scared the heck out of me with our family history of febrile seizures (I had 3, JL had 2 and NHL had 1). I took his temperature and it was about 101 and going up quickly. I put in a call for our doctor and they called back as I was getting the Tylenol. We pulled him out of the blanket sleep and just at that point I heard a commotion outside the house.

We opened up the shade to see fire trucks galore outside. I mean 4-6 of them, 2-3 police cars and other "official" fire cars (chief and things). There were a dozen or so firemen outside with hoses. We couldn’t tell at first where they were going, then it sunk in. OMG – the house right across the street was on fire. I tossed on a coat and went outside to see if the kids that are often there were out safely. They were being shuttled to the house down the street. At this point they were heading to the back of the house with axes. Thank goodness everyone was safe (the mother is in Colorado). Not sure about the damage. We only know the fire started in the basement, they got out and that’s it.

Thanks to the hydrants being used everyone has brown water now. They said by the evening it should be fine. Dad went out and got us water to have. Now we just hope that this fever leaves as mysteriously as it arrived.  We are also going to install the other fire alarms that we have for around the house – nothing like a close tragedy to wake you up on that.

Hopefully the day settles down for us and the poor people across the street.

C’est Moi

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  • Sandra says:

    Hope JSL is better soon. This seems about the time (almost 6 months old) that summer babies get sick! That and the time everyone gets sick. There is a sick momma in our house! Plus, a little girl who woke with a sore throat then this afternoon started the bark so she got the rescue inhaler. Now sleeping and not happy she missed a birthday party! Looks like we will all be enjoying a trip to the Doc this week. YUCK!

  • citystreams says:

    I’m glad y’all are okay. That’s scary! Were there any adults in the house? Do they think the kids started the fire? I hope JL feels better soon and you all get a good night’s sleep. Sick babies are a handfull. I got my flu shot the other day and I’m hoping it will be enough to keep us from coming down with anything major.

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Ugh, this time of year, especially with kiddos in school is germ central. I hope you and Princess J feel better soon.

    Citystreams: There were two of the woman’s daughters (adults) and I believe three of their children in the house. They were all back in the house last night – we were floored.

    We have all had our flu shots here except for JSL. He’s scheduled to get his next week on his 6 month well baby visit. Hopefully your shot and working with older kids will help to keep you and your little precious girl healthy.

    C’est Moi