Knitting update 1-14

I am taking a finger stretching beak from knitting to update on the progress of my project. Yesterday I took photos of the scarf to show to Laura. At that time I had approximately 16 1/2 inches  done and it looked like this: 

Knitty project update

And a closer look: 

Tis getting longer

As you can see it is progressing nicely. Tonight marked a week of working on it and I am now up to 20 inches. . . not too shabby! 

The best thing is from the most recent parts it has gotten more even as I am getting used to the tension I need on the needles and the yarn. I have also figured out a way to knit that does not seem to bother my fingers and wrists too much (I have some arthritis from being hit by a car when I was younger).

On that note I am off to work on a recommendation for a friend and then knit some more. 

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