Even baby boys like remotes

JSL and I pack up and head out to get NHL from preschool soon after lunch most days (earlier if there is snow). Typically I put his coat on first and then toss mine one quickly. Here is what happened Friday as we were about to head out. As you will see this little guy has baby radar for things that he should not get!

Quickly finds the remote that was sitting on the couch next to him. I was shocked it did NOT go into his mouth. He was very proud of his accomplishment. 

Look what I found

It dropped out of his hands and flipped over. He now saw all of the pretty buttons and was trying to figure out what to do next. 

What can I do with this?

He flipped it over to the other side to make sure he did not miss something. Seriously, it must be a Y chromosome thing. 

Must be a Y chromosome thing

Decides that the other side is much more exciting and thinks about moving it back. 

I think it is the other side that I want

Then he must have been feeling guilty. Suddenly he gets this face and looks the other way, as if to pretend he had not been touching something that was not for him. Man they learn this cute and innocent things early. 

I am innocent I tell you

See what I mean . . . this next one is the real kicker. How could you ever be mad at this face? 

The bib says it all!

This is my new favorite picture – thanks to the big blue eyes and smile.


P.S. A big thank you to Uncle I and Aunt M for the great hat JSL is wearing. They gave it to him as part of his Chanukah gift. It fits perfectly and I love how cute it is.

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  • sarah bean says:

    Definately favourite photo material, love the dimples!

  • Renee says:

    Keeghan LOVES the remote too… he pushes the buttons and usually succeeds at changing the channel or turning the TV or cable box off completely. *sigh* Drives Kennedy NUTS! LOL

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sarah Bean: Welcome to my blog. I always forget to mention the dimples – thanks for reminding me.

    Renee: Trying to think, not sure if JSL has actually done that. I think this was the first time I let him near it for a long enough time period. Funny to hear that he is learning to drive girls crazy already with messing with the remote.

    C’est Moi

  • Megastein says:

    Look at that cute little boy…thank goodness he’s related to me!!!!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Megastein: That he is. I think the cuteness must be from our side of the family ;) Lots of hugs coming your way!

    (Man I hope JL does not read that)

    C’est Moi