Wordless Wednesday – Wonderful whipped cream

A story in picture of a boy and his cool whip (hover over to see Flickr captions): 

Ah, I know what this is


Mesmerizing good stuff on spoon


That's the good stuff


I have what on my face?



Sure, whatever. . .


Trying to figure out how to get more


That's the ticket!


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  • Amy says:

    He is absolutely gorgeous. I love that look on his face when he’s staring at the spoon lol

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Amy: Thanks :) He was quite vocal when that photo was taking. You could tell he was baby cursing at my husband to give him the spoon now!

    C’est Moi

  • Karen says:

    How adorable!

  • Renee says:

    So cute! Keeghan loves whipped cream too! LOL

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Karen Thanks you very much for the compliment and for stopping by to comment.

    Renee: Thanks! What could be wrong with whipped cream? It should be on the food pyramid in a level all alone ;)

    C’est Moi

  • Kmelion says:

    OMG, those are so cute!

  • Shawna says:

    Cute pictures of an adorable little boy! Makes me want some Cool Whip . . . .

  • Elizabeth says:

    He is SO cute! One time when we were out of yogurt, I gave Kaitlyn some blueberries topped with a spoonful of Cool Whip, and she literally licked the bowl clean. Now I want some too!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: Thanks! I think he’s a keeper ;)

    Shawna: Merci beaucoup! LOL – I just had some on graham crackers – yummy :)

    Elizabeth: Thanks! I could definitely see JSL trying to lick anything with Cool Whip clean someday down the road.

    C’est Moi