An Election of Many Firsts

Today is Super Tuesday as we all know thanks to constant reminders in the media. I am excited to get to vote in the primary with the millions of other that will have the opportunity at one point today (hopefully).  Why you ask?   I will be honest it is mainly to know that at the end of the day the annoying telephone recordings from politicians will end. No less all of the polls calling to ask questions. At least for a little while things should be quiet around here. Plus it is interesting to know this is the start of an election of a lot of firsts.

The other day JL and I were actually talking about the upcoming election. No matter which of the four top candidates that are on the official ballot come November, it will be an election of many firsts. Most of these firsts are things that we would not have thought about in the past. Finally we have come to a point in time where almost anyone who wants to (and is crazy enough) can dream of becoming President of the United States.

Here are a few of the firsts if any of the top four candidates (as of this minute) are elected come Election Day. I am sure other first could easily be added to these with further digging.

  • McCain – first American over the age of 70 (even though he may appear younger than past presidents, he isn’t)
  • Romney – first Mormon
  • Obama –  first African American
  • Clinton – first woman  (and of course would be the first 1st Lady to then be elected . . . and what would Bill be called? The first Spouse would likely become the new norm)

Of course I can not help but mention Ron Paul (R). I believe if he was elected he would become the first president that could legitimately give a pelvic exam in the Oval Office.  Sorry I had to do the gynecologist joke. And yes I know he who must not be named did not do a pelvic exam.

Lots of things to think about as the election season really picks up.

With that said I am off to get ready. JSL and I have a date to go and vote in the dinosaur voting machines that still are used here.


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  • Sandra says:

    I can’t help but think we are going to get another Republican in the White House. There is still WAY too much prejudice in America to vote a black man or a woman into the House. Think for a moment though, Bill would be hosting the Easter Egg hunt. And the ladies tea?? Should make him happy! Did you hear that Monica is voting Republican?? It seems the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth. :D