Lunar Eclipse February 2008

Tonight there was a full lunar eclipse. I had wanted to head out to view it, but a migraine got me and I fell asleep at the start. I woke up and did not know where JL was. Eventually I looked outside and saw him standing out in the cold with his tripod and camera. I called him on the cell phone (I was in PJ’s and not going out at that point). He reminded me about the eclipse. I eventually sucked it up and went outside with a coat over my PJ’s. It was amazing to see how clear it was and the red glow in the sky.

Here are eight of the sixty plus photos that JL took. They were my favorites when looking at them quickly.


01 Lunar Eclipse by JL


02 Lunar Eclipse by JL


03 Lunar Eclipse by JL


04 Lunar Eclipse by JL


05 Lunar Eclipse by JL


06 Lunar Eclipse by JL


07 Lunar Eclipse by JL


08 Lunar Eclipse by JL


The next full lunar eclipse will not be until December 2010. I can not wait to see all of the other photos of this event that other people have to share.


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  • Shawna says:

    Great pictures! It was cloudy here, although you could still see it–but not nearly as clear as these pictures! Although I only lasted about 5 minutes outside in my PJs and Mike’s tennis shoes.

  • maria says:

    Those are beautiful. I watched it most of the night but couldn’t get a clear shot from my deck. Stunning.

  • Those are THE best photos of the eclipse I have seen so far! Tell him he did a fantastic job. I’m so glad your little one is home and ok. I know that was a rough experience for all. Take care, and thanks so much for pointing me to that video on Ree!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Kmelion: Thanks – I will forward the message to hubby.

    Shawna: Hubby thanks you! He stayed out for quite some time. I was not there too long since I had to listen for the kiddos. . . plus it was freezing!

    Maria: Merci for the compliments. My husband was really happy with the shots. He did a lot of research on how to set up his camera for optimal results.

    Mommy Cracked: Thanks for the sweet compliments for JL’s photos. I will definitely let him know what you said. Not a problem on the video, glad I was able to point you in the right direction.

    C’est Moi