Another 6 pound strawberry adventure

Today it was beautiful so we opted to head out and get more strawberries and meet up with friends. Believe it or not, hardly any strawberries remain from the 6 1/2 pounds picked last Sunday. The boys did an amazing job gobbling them up. JL and NHL have had them everyday in their lunch, JL found a yummy recipe for Stawnana bread (see photo below), and we made some jam.

This is the strawnana bread that JSL actually asked for by saying "Dada Yum!" 

Strawnana Bread

The containers of jam that we made quickly on Thursday evening. Thanks to everyone for all of the recipes and suggestions. 

1 for now . . . 2 to freeze

These are a few photos from today. Be sure to hover over the photos to see the captions. 

The fields were amazing today. The berries were huge, red and everywhere. JL and I were amazed with the number of people there today and all of the strawberries being picked. JL did most of the picking today and finished in less than 40 minutes!

Strawberry picking - round 2

Please note that NHL picked this shirt out at the store! 

The shirt was fitting today

NHL was allowed to have one  strawberry out in the field.

 Had to taste test at least one

 Yes, these will do

NHL was not as into picking today. I think it was too close to going last week, plus he had a friend that he wanted to play with. The fields and their flowers were more interesting today. Here is one he picked for me. 

Flower NHL picked for Mommy in the field

We had a great time out in the gorgeous weather picking another six pounds of strawberries. Tomorrow thanks to rain, JL plans on making more strawnana bread, possibly making more jam, and figuring out other things to do with the berries. I on the other hand will be busy doing laundry that was never touched all week.


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