Beware of Dino Conga Line

If you ever come to visit, please be sure to watch your step. You never know when a dinosaur conga line may break out in the middle of our living room! 

Where did Steggi go?

 Conga line of dinosaurs

What types of toys would I find at your house?


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  • Lori says:

    To cute! Hey at least he is neat, Taylor just leaves his toys all over the living room!

  • Nancy says:

    Cute! My boys also have a thing with lining items up, most notably kitchen pots and pans.

    In my house you’d find Mega Blocks, a lot of play food, Mr. Potato Head parts and more crayons than the Crayola Factory. I actually asked my mom to stop giving us crayons, she would give them to the boys for every birthday and holiday. I don’t see us needing to buy crayons for many many years to come.

  • kailani says:

    Anything pink and girly and messy! LOL!

  • Sandra says:

    Well, you KNOW me so you know you would not walk into my house (if I knew you were coming) and find ANY toys on the floor LOL! But, through out the house in a given day you will see an art desk in full use of colored pencils, color wonders, crayons and pens. You would also likely find the Candyland game or us playing Go Fish out in the floor. 2 tubs of potato head things (lots from Disney!) may be strewn around while in play. And the one thing you will always see in some region where the girl is, a baby doll (or 3 or 4!!) She loves her babies!