Memories of our wedding – 7 years ago today

In 1999, I met JL online. I was a goof and did not realize that I was in a chat room. Something caught my eye in his profile so I messaged him. We talked online and on the phone many times before we met in person half way between our homes. I brought my friends with me, just in case because you never know!

From the fall of 1999 to 2000 we had a long distance relationship. 

When I met JL's parents 11-28-99

It was rough, but at the time we drove (gas was cheap – 99 cents or less a gallon) or we flew (fares that were $49-79 each way) and visited often. I remember too vividly the days when JL would leave. I would sit and cry for hours wondering when I would see him again.

On July 2, 2000 JL proposed to me and soon after his employer allowed him to move here to telecommute (being a webmaster has perks ya know). Once here we went to hockey games from time to time, because I had to convince JL that hockey is THE sport. If you know JL he is not a sports nut. 

At a hockey game 11-25-00

That year was hectic. JL was getting used to this area, the company he worked for folded, he found a new job, I was student teaching, and we were wedding/honeymoon planning. This included lots of road trips to pick up my wedding dress about an hour north of here. 

01 Wedding dress before the big day

Finally our wedding day arrived. June 24, 2001 was a gorgeous summer day. Almost all of our family and friends were there to celebrate our special day. Below are some memories of the amazing day that JL and I became husband and wife. . . . the day I married my best friend.

Photos from the Bedeken, which is where the Ketubah (Jewish marriage license) is signed and we technically are married. Be sure to hover over the photos for explanations.

02 Mom and I during Bedecken

 03 Ketubah signing at Wedding

 04 Our ketubah

 05 Veil over me during Bedeken

06 Everyone at the Bedecken on one side of the room

After the Bedeken it was time for everyone to go in for the traditional (basically Orthodox) Jewish wedding ceremony. One of the things I love about the Jewish ceremony is that both parents walk the bride and groom down the aisle to the chuppah. What you may notice in the one of me is lots of smiles and laughter – even my father (SHOCK). He was laughing that I had to go to the bathroom and had a wedgie. Glad I shared that with you aren’t you?!?! 

08 My brother walking grandparents down aisle

 09 JL and parents walking down aisle

 10 My parents walking me down aisle

 11 Under the chuppah

Thanks to being a smart bride I made my own bridal sneakers and wore them for the entire wedding. I was not going to chance sores on my feet when we were going to Disney World for our honeymoon the next day. Here are some photos from the reception. 

12 Reception - Our table

 13 Horah time

 14 My father actually SMILES!!!

This is when I was lifted into the air on a chair and nearly dropped during the Horah.

 15  Help me . . . I'm going to die!

Our first dance was to the Bee Gee’s "Wedding Day" that was released right before our wedding. Thanks to my father for introducing us to this beautiful song. You can see a video of the song here.

 16 - Our first dance

It is a tradition for the eldest male member of the family to say the blessing over the challah and slice it. My Poppy did this with the help of my Uncle J and Dad.

 17 My Poppy cuts the challah

 18 My grandparents and all of their grandchildren

 19 Finally at our table for a few moments

Soon the time came to cut our wedding cake. There was a little mishap with JL’s kippah as you will see. 

20 Our wedding cake

 21 - JL has trouble with his kippah while cutting cake

 22 - Cutting the cake

 The next morning we flew early in the morning to Disney World and had an amazing honeymoon. 

Honeymoon artists - painting on our animation tour

JL thank you for seven wonderful years of memories together. Who knew seven years ago that we would have two little boys now. You are such an amazing person, husband and father.. You are truly my best friend and I look forward to many more wonderful years of memories together as we grow old and watch our boys have families of their own.


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  • Shawna says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! Wishing you and JL many many more years of good times and happy memories! Wonderful pictures!

  • Kmelion says:

    Mazal Tov!

    I really hope you guys can come down to Brooklyn when I’m in.

  • lilknitter says:

    Aww…That was a really nice post. Happy Anniversary and I wish you many, many more! Beautiful photos….you were a gorgeous bride!

  • Sandra says:

    Happy Anniversary! Great pics…JL has changed a lot! (gotten smaller too!!) Your wedding was fabulous! Congrats!

  • Congrats :) We’ve been together 7 years and are getting married this December!

  • Candi says:

    Well—I’m late, but I’m gonna say Happy Anniversary anyway!! I don’t think I had seen a pic of you. Funny how us moms are always the ones taking the pictures!!

    We have so many similarities in our lives….met our husbands online, and now have two little boys. What is funny and I didn’t realize until now…your boys are about one year younger than each of my boys….and you and your husband have been married one year less and met one year after my husband and I met.

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