Packing adventures for a family of 4

Do you like to pack? Stop laughing at me! I was being serious and asking a legitimate question.

Later today we are heading to visit my brother, sister-in-law and sweet little niece for a long weekend. We have a four hour trip ahead of us. Please insert the *groans* here! To be honest I am not sure what worries me more with the upcoming trip – (1) Packing for our family of four, or (2) The trip on a holiday weekend with a 4 and 1 year old in the car.

Last night after I was done packing up all of our clothing in one small suitcase I sat down by my computer to make a list of all of the other sh "stuff" that we will need. I was multitasking at the same time. It was the perfect time to reply to comments on my blog via e-mail. Candi at ~~All Day Night~~ mentioned in a quick e-mail (followed by instant messaging) back that packing before kids was bad enough, but with them she feels like she is moving. AMEN!!! 

We are lucky with this trip that the arrival of my niece means we do not need to haul some of the otherwise essential items for a baby, you know like toys and a pack n’ play. Still we have plenty of other items to remember. I am also lucky that we can pack up without worrying about FAA regulations since this is a road trip.

Here is my list:

  • Snacks for the car ride – must feed the natives or they are more likely to get restless on the adventure.
  • Toys/books for the car – another sanity saver
  • MP3 player – filled with music for the adults and kids.
  • Wii Fit/Game/CD card – crucial or my brother and sister-in-law will not allow us in their house!
  • Sun lotion – must have in case we spend time outside, especially if we go to the zoo.
  • Cameras/batteries – we must capture a photo of the three grandchildren for my parents., otherwise we are not allowed to come home according to my mother.
  • Medicine – need all of our allergy meds and fluoride pills. Other items also being taken along for the ride since someone ALWAYS gets sick when we go to see Uncle I and Aunt M.
  • Cooler – although we may not need this it is good to have in case we want to haul anything back from Wegmans.
  • Kid essentials – this includes diapers, wipes, butt cream, sippy cups, binkies, toothbrush/paste, buddies/blankets.
  • Phone charger – the cell phones never hold their charge well, so we must be prepared.
  • Razors – hubby needs to control his face and me the legs.
  • Makeup – can you believe I actually forgot this once and have to actually write it down?
  • Pillows – we all sleep a lot better if we have our own pillows and they are easy enough to take with us.
  • Knitting – need to continue to work on my projects in the car if I am the passenger.

This is most if not all of the list as it stands now. The only other items are reminders to take our garbage out and vacuum before leaving. The booster seat and stroller are already in my car. Are you tired yet? I know I am ready for a nap (some of which has to do with a certain little teething monster being up a chunk of the night in our bed). Too bad I need to run some errands today before we hit the road.


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  • Lori says:

    We just packed up and went down to my moms for the week. She lives at the beach. I just packed I swear my entire house to bring down with us. I wish there was a service where you could just rent everything including clothing when you got there. Wouldn’t that be grand.