Q&A Fun Time

Citystreams posted this fun and very different seven question meme, on her blog recently.  What you do is copy the list of questions below and paste it into your comment. Next  fill in the blanks with whatever you want to know, about me. I will answer your questions, as quickly as possible right here in the comments section. With any luck, my comments will look like a list of questions followed immediately by answers.

Here are the questions to copy and paste – have fun!


1. What do you think of _____________?

2. When did you last ____________?

3. __________ or ___________ and why?

4. What did you ______________?

5. What’s your favorite ______________?

6. How would you ______________?

7. Who would you most like to ________?


Thanks for playing! Feel free to steal this for your blog. I’d love to ask you some questions, too!  Hopefully a lot of lurkers will step out of the shadows and jump in here. I will check in today while running errands, doing laundry, sorting through photos, and unpacking from a long weekend away. More to come on the weekend away soon.


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  • citystreams says:

    Yay! I love going first. Here are my questions.

    1. What do you think of Christianity? (now there’s a loaded question :o)

    2. When did you last pamper yourself?

    3. Heels or flats and why?

    4. What did you learn to drive in?

    5. What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

    6. How would you survive before electricity?

    7. Who would you most like to sound like?

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Thanks for being the first to play Citystreams :)

    1. Working in a religious school for several years I was fascinated with the prayer service and mass. It was interesting to see how much Christianity’s roots are found within Judaism.

    2. Not sure if/when I last pampered myself since having the boys really. I prefer to sit down and knit/read to have me time.

    3. I am quite short, thanks to recessive genes from my 6′ tall parents. I love heels, but hate how my feet ache after wearing them. I prefer more practical shoes these days.

    4. I learned to drive on my mother’s Town & Country mini van. This was back when they first made them from the original station wagon. I also was able to practice on my father’s Nissan Maxima. I have to say learning to do three point turns and parallel park a mini-van was “interesting” to say the least.

    5. These days watching the boys play Nintendo Wii and joining in for a game of Mario Kart. I long for the days of going to a movie, but that will wait until the boys are older.

    6. Not very well. I could not imagine life without comfort items such as laundry machines, dish washers, air conditioners, fans, and refrigerators. I can hardly fathom how we are one of the first generations to have computers and internet most of our lives.

    7. I am content with sounding like myself. I will say that I am shocked hearing my voice on an answering machine and how much I still sound like a kid!

  • 1. What do you think of gas prices?

    2. When did you last have a girl’s night out?

    3. Spender or saver and why?

    4. What did you want to be when you grew up ?

    5. What’s your favorite book?

    6. How would you spend a day alone ?

    7. Who would you most like to offer fashion advice to ?

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Mommy Cracked – thanks for playing along :)

    1. The gas prices make me ILL! It really is wrong that speculators are allowed to help them go up and profit on them. I can not believe that I will be able to tell my boys that I once bought gas for 88 cents a gallon and that really was not THAT long ago.

    2. Hmmmm. . . . Does that tell you how long it has been? A few months ago my mother went out with me to shop and have dinner. She talked about trying another night out soon to paint pottery. The last time I went out with my friend was likely back in January or February for a belated B-day night out.

    3. Saver all the way. I would rather save up toward a bigger items/goal than blow it on something frivolous. I still remember saving up as a child for a television set and then a Nintendo system after that. It taught me the value of money and saving at the same time.

    4. I always wanted to be a teacher, I was just sidetracked along the way to making it happen.

    5. Wow, this is a tough one since I have read so many. I guess I really loved Beaches by Iris Rainer Dart. Another favorite that left a huge impact on my life was The Diary of Anne Frank.

    6. Not sure I would know what to do with myself on a day alone. I guess to start I would attempt to catch up on some sleep, take a nice shower without having to worry about the boys. Then I could read, knit, crochet. . . or even shop solo. Wow – there is a lot a girl could do alone!

    7. I would offer fashion advice to the pre-teen and teen stars out there. They are dressing too much like 20-something year olds and not doing a good job as role models for other kids out there looking up to them.

  • 1. What do you think of being an American?

    2. When did you last go on a roller coaster?

    3. Conservative or Liberal and why?

    4. What did you last see the ocean?

    5. What’s your favorite way to celebrate Shabbat?

    6. How would you like to change the world?

    7. Who would you most like to inspire?

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Thanks for playing along :)

    1. I feel lucky to be an American. I know that I have freedoms that many others in the world do not have and can hardly imagine, especially as a woman.

    2. The last roller coaster I went on was WAY too long ago. It was probably Big Thunder Mountain on my honeymoon to Disney World in June 2001. Stinks that JL is not into rides more. We are hoping to go to the amusement park near here with NHL to take him to the new Wiggles World there.

    3. I suppose I am more of a Liberal because of my political views, especially when it comes to a woman’s body and her rights. I also believe in less big brother watching over people. It really bothers me with some of the new legislation coming around where the government is going to tell me how to do certain things, like immunize my children (something in our state).

    4. Not sure when the last time I saw the ocean was. It was probably when we went to visit JL’s parents, or possibly when I went to Boston. Still nothing like seeing the Pacific ocean, especially in Hawaii back in 1988.

    5. Sure get me in trouble with a Shabbat question. Did my grandmother pay you to do this? ;) Seriously we have not really done much since the boys were born. While NHL was in nursery school we ordered challah as a fundraiser. When we first were married I would make challah and we would have a nice shabbat meal.

    6. Hmmm. . . . You are being really deep today you know. Unfortunately, there are days that I feel that there is so much wrong with the world that I wonder how we can change things. One thing I would like to change is our country helping those in need within the USA more than sending constant aid to foreign lands. I am not saying ditch the other people, just that we need to take care of our own and work on that more.

    7. I hope to be able to inspire my future students to love the world of science. In addition to this, I want to be able to inspire my own two boys to follow their dreams and never look back and regret not trying something. With the world we are living in I only hope that my kids will be able to afford an education, house, cars and families to pursue those dreams.

  • Lisanne says:

    Here are mine:

    1. What do you think of CVS-brand items (any that you absolutely love or hate?).

    2. When did you last take a relaxing bubble bath?

    3. Iced tea or hot tea, and why?

    4. What did you study in college?

    5. What’s your favorite item of clothing?

    6. How would you spend the day if you had an entire day to yourself, to do whatever you wanted?

    7. Who would you most like to have over for dinner?

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Thanks for playing along Lisanne – very interesting questions :)

    1. I am pretty much game for generic brands on a lot of items, not just CVS. So far the only CVS item that I have tried and absolutely hated was their A&D ointment for diaper rash – too runny. No problems with their brand medications, so long as they are priced decent compared to Target and Walmart brands (unless I have lots of ECBs).

    2. My last bubble bath was quite some time ago. We received a bubble mat for a wedding gift. I think we used it 2-3 times and that was it. I honestly prefer showers.

    3. Iced tea, especially peach variety that has no caffeine. In the winter I will sometimes drink something warm, but otherwise I prefer cold beverages.

    4. I started college in pharmacy school. After 2 1/2 horrible years I left to follow my teaching dream. My degrees are in education (PreK-6, Middle Level Science, and Reading K-12).

    5. I still love my comfy Roots Canada sweatshirt that I bought years ago. Otherwise I love my jeans, jean shorts, and jean skirts!

    6. Assuming I knew how to do something alone without one of my boys (adult included), I would likely start by sleeping in some. It has been years since I have slepts well (since I conceived NHL to be exact). Next I would take a shower, possibly paint my toenails, read/knit/crochet. Possibly go to a craft or book store myself and enjoy not having someone making me go quickly. There are just too many choices ;)

    7. I would love to have my Nana and Papa back to meet my family. I know they would be so proud to meet JL, NHL and JSL. Each of the kids is named after one of them. It would be great to talk with them and possibly get to knit with my Nana, something I used to do most day in the summer when I was little, or after school.