To my big boy NHL,

Five years ago today you came into the world and changed my life forever. You made my dream of being a mommy come true. Daddy and I were so thrilled that you came into our lives and helped our family to grow. We spent hours just watching you sleep, playing with all of your new toys, and getting to know our new baby boy.

He grew so quickly

You and I spent the first year of your life together at home. We had so much fun. We would get up in the morning, have breakfast, snuggle for naps after Daddy went to work, take long walks, and play for hours while learning to love The Wiggles. We had so many adventures as you experienced many firsts right before my eyes. You even went with us as we found our first house and moved into our home. Right before your first birthday we started a tradition. Each year we would go with Papa and have your photo taken on the Merry-go-Round. Here is your first ever time on a horse.


Soon after turning one you started to go to daycare because I went back to teaching. You loved the extra time that you had with Daddy. The two of your really started to bond. Our time at home at night and on the weekend was extra special. You always loved going to my classroom and playing with the desks there. Just before your second birthday, while visiting Uncle I and Aunt M you finally started to walk on your own. We were so proud of you and watched as you started to explore your world from a different point of view.


You have always loved to read, talk and learn about everything and anything you see. If there was something in front of you, you always wanted to know what it was and how it worked. You learned to talk in sentences long before turning one and have not stopped. Daddy and I love to hear you tell us about everything that you do each day and know how you see things.


Over the last year you have really blossomed so much. You went to nursery school, met new friends and most importantly became a big brother. You were the center of our universe for almost four years and it all changed when your litlte brother, JSL, was born last May. You made us so proud and quickly welcomed JSL into our family. It has been so much fun watching you show your little brother how everything works. He absolutely adores his big brother and I love watching both of you.


This past week you said you did not want to turn five or become a grown up. I know it is hard to experience changes and new things are scary, but we will be by your side. You have a very exciting year ahead of you. In kindergarten you will learn to read. Soon you will be able to read books to us. JSL will love his big brother to read to him. Before we know it you will be writing letters to us, and typing us notes on the computer. We know that you are up to this challenge and will make us even more proud as you turn five, like you did the last five years of your life.


You have grown so quickly right before my eyes. The little boy is completely gone and in his place is a big boy who is ready to start kindergarten in a few short weeks. Although I am sad about this, I know it has to happen. I may miss my little NHL, but I so look forward to watching you spread your wings and be all that you can be. NHL, please know that Mommy and Daddy are always here for you. There is nothing you have to hide from us and you can always tell us anything and everything. We will always be there for you, cheering you on, protecting you, and most of all loving you with all of our hearts.





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