Busy boys and Mama too

So many things to blog, but no real time to do it now. Before I will have time to blog I must: 

  1. Finish the two huge loads of laundry.
  2. Keep the boys entertained – challenging since one is getting canine teeth and rather cranky today.
  3. Edit photos and get them ready for Flickr and blogging.
  4. Catch up on sleep. Neh,  who am I kidding that will never happen!
  5. Feed the boys and attempt rest/nap times after.
  6. Weed the piles on the dining room table, assuming I can given #2 and of course running up and down the basement stairs thanks to #1.
  7. Help NHL write his thank you notes. . . must purchase/make cards first.
  8. Add more items to this list because I know there is a lot more I can not think of now.

This weekend was fabulous. Going to the lake was wondering to spend time with family and celebrate my father’s birthday. NHL can not stop talking about spending time and doing things with his Cousin B and Cousin H. He already asked me to print off photos from yesterday of him with them to put into his photo album.

Yesterday was NHL’s 5th birthday. We had his family party at my parents and it went very well. Mount Dinocake was a success and photo will follow soon. Of course thanks to the party, we now have a pile of gifts on the love seat in our living room. JL and I plan to tackle the upstairs room bit by bit to make it into a playroom. We will weed the things up there first and then as we move items up will weed from the living room.

I decided to do a Wordle today. If you have never heard of it before, this is mine: 

Wordle 8-18-2008

Neat to see what the words are that I have used on my blog lately. If you would like to make one of you own click on over here to do one. Let me know if you do, I would love to see yours.

The laundry is calling, so I best be off to work on it while the two boys are playing nicely.


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