Mount Dinocake

As previously mentioned, NHL asked for a dinosaur and volcano cake for his birthday. We practiced making it with the giant cupcake pan and then made the real thing this weekend for his 5th birthday party with our family on Sunday.

Rather than tease you, I will play nice (this time) and reveal Mount Dinocake. . . . 

Mount Dinocake

Of course since it was a birthday party and we had lots of family over, so additional food was also prepared. JL and I stayed up late Friday and Saturday night making sure everything was made. The only items we did not do ourselves were the pizza, flat bread, hummus, and rolls. We made the vegetarian "meatballs" in sweet and sour sauce, peanut butter pasta with broccoli, edamame and red pepper, along with the cake/cupcakes and zucchini bread. Here they are for you to view: 

Party Food

This is all that remained of Mount Dinocake when everyone was finished.

The remnants of Mount Dinocake

NHL had a fabulous time playing and talking with everyone there for his 5th birthday. He loved the attention and posed for photos with a lot of our family. It was his idea since he wanted photos of everyone for his photo album. Below from top/left to bottom/right: NHL with (1) Aunt S and Uncle M, (2) Cousin B, (3) Uncle J, (4) Uncle M, (5) Mimi, and (6) Cousin H. 

The birthday boy with family

Between lunch and cake NHL opened his presents. He received fabulous gifts. Here are a few photos of him opening items. 

Opening presents

Meanwhile as he was opening his gifts all of the "kids" were playing and keeping busy (yes this included my two adult cousins). 

Play time during the party

Before we knew it the end of the party had arrived. NHL was quite sad to see Cousin B and Cousin H leave early. It was so cute to watchhim interact with B. He keeps talking about him and wants to know when he will see them again. For now he will have to settle with photos like this: 

My cousins

Then Bubbe and Grandpa left and eventually Uncle I, Aunt M and Cousin S. Here is Nana saying goodbtye for now to S. Next time we see her will be her first birthday in September. 

A Nana hug for the road

I am still in denial that I have a five year old son. Two weeks from today I take NHL to meet his kindergarten teacher. It truly does seem like he was an infant just yesterday. Where did my baby go?


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  • Kmelion says:

    The photos look great!! And you know you’re gonna have to post a recipe for that peanut butter thingamawhosit…

    And can I say… that watermelon looks deeeeeeeeeeee-vine.

    So does that chocolate.

  • Susan says:

    Now that I have eaten I can comment- food made my stomach rumble!

  • kailani says:

    What a great birthday party . . . and cake! Yum!

    They grow up way too fast! I still remember Girlie Girl’s 1st of Kindergarten like it was yesterday instead of a year ago!

  • The cake turned out awesome! I’m so going to remember the idea of putting things around the cake rather than making it into the requested item. Making a dinosaur seems so much more complicated than making a volcano after all. Very nice job.

    Looks like everyone had an excellent time. You guys had quite the food spread too. :)

  • Lisanne says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just *love* the dino volcano cake. Wow. Amazing! You are SO good with the cake decorating!!! So glad that everyone had a great time. I can’t believe that Lucas will be FOUR in March!

  • Damselfly says:

    Ohmygoodness, what fun! That cake looks great, and you should definitely be a food photographer for Martha Stewart or something!

  • Wendy says:

    The cake looks great! Glad y’all had fun!

  • Adria says:

    The cake is amazing. The food looks so yummy. It sounds like a great party.

    I hear you on the baby-growing-up-too-fast thing too. I took my 5 yr old in to meet her kindergarten teacher today. It was bittersweet.

  • That cake turned out awesome!! Looks like it is delicious, too! So many great pictures…I know he had a blast! I enjoyed looking at his “through the years” pictures, too. They DO grow up sooo fast!

  • caramama says:

    Happy birthday to your adorable boy!

    I love that dinocake! My girl just discovered her love of dinosaurs, so I’m going to have to remember this cake and try to make one for her in the future!

    Looks like a great party, and a yummy spread.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blog the recession is a lot of fun!

  • […] (hint, hint)  will be decorated after transport to Nana and Papa’s house. Here is what last year’s party looked like. Time to get ready to head out soon. More photos to come […]