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Are you constantly trying to re-budget your household expenses thanks to the rising costs of everything from heating, fuel, electricity, food and breathing alone? Seriously, as a newer SAHM this is something my husband and I think about all the time, especially as we head out and about to stores. With the winter coming so many of us are holding our breaths to see what the cost of keeping warm will be in a few short months.

So my faithful readers, this is where you can help. Thanks to a fun and brilliant idea from Kristen over at Motherhood Uncensored,  we can help each other through this time. Her fabulous idea is called: 

What is Blog the Recession you ask? Well, click on over with the button above and read a little about it here:

For those of us with ads on our blogs we receive a certain amount of money for each page view. Thanks to the huge surge in people viewing blogs daily on readers (like Blog Lines and Google Reader),we do not benefit from this money. Sure it is only a few cents for each page view, but it adds up and every little bit counts. So thanks to Blog the Recession, we are encouraging people to take that little extra effort to click over to the blog, look around and even leave some comments to make blog owners feel the love and earn a little in the process.

Please head on over to Motherhood Uncensored and join in the fun. There is a list of all of the participants so you can see who has joined in so far. Remember every click of your mouse helps and we all appreciate it.


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