Wonder which way

Saturday we spent a beautiful Mommy and Daddy day with NHL at a local Six Flags park. We had an absolutely wonderful time. We arrived when they opened at 12:00 and left at about 6:30 (they closed at 7:00). As soon as we stepped foot into the park NHL was focused on one item. He wanted to get to a certain section of the park.

We looked at the street signs to figure out which direction to go. We were able to figure it out thanks to some familiar faces on the sign.

We need to go THAT way

We started our adventure and saw that the park was already being decked out for Halloween. It really is hard to believe that October is just around the corner. (Note to self – get a costume for NHL soon!)

Signs of Fright Fest starting to show up

On our way to the location of interest we stopped for a quick ride on the Merry-go-round.

First ride of the day

We even took a special photo for Nana of her favorite animal that happened to be there.

Giraffe just for Nana

Then we continued to wander in the right direction. After walking around corners, up hills, and past the Looney Tunes National Park and Justice League we finally saw familiar signs of yellow, blue, red and purple!!!

Batmobile siting along the way

It was finally time to check out Wiggles World and see the beautiful little land hidden within this Six Flags park.

Wahoo - it's Wiggles World!

Wiggles World adventures and more to be continued later.


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