To my little rotten egg

Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

Dear NHL,

This week you said several one liners that made both Mommy and Daddy laugh. First was Tuesday morning. As we were scrambling around trying to figure out what to do with a leak under the sink in the bathroom. You helped to ease the tension. While eating your breakfast  and hearing that we had to call a plumber you asked me the following:

"Are you calling Joe the Plumber?"

Daddy and I tried not to laugh since we were so shocked at the words out of your mouth! Where did you come up with that? I guess you are really paying attention to the news when we have it on.

Then today while getting ready to leave the house you proclaimed:

"First one with shoes on is the rotten egg!"

Much to our surprise you rushed to have this "honor" with your shoes on way before the rest of us. I suppose we need to go over the meaning of rotten egg with you one of these days.

Thank you for keeping us on your toes and making us laugh even when things are rough.

I love you my kindergarten kid,


 NaBloPoMo '08

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