100 days to go

Starting tomorrow, there will no longer be a three digit number standing between us and Disney World. The magic number is 100 today and it seems quite surreal. Of course, part of that could be the snow and ice that was left on our lawn yesterday turning our front  porch into a hockey rink.

Since I last wrote about our family Disney trip some things have changed. My parents, otherwise known as Nana and Papa on my blog, will be joining us. They were not sure about it at first, but eventually were excited to jump at the opportunity. JL and I think it will be fabulous to have them there to see the boys on their first trip to see the magic of Disney. My parents are the ones that started this "illness" with me so many years ago. We will be going down on the same flight, staying at the same hotel and making some dinner reservations together.

We have a little over a week to go until we can make our advanced dining reservations (ADRs) with Disney. This means that we are in the final preparations of making our list for dinner sit down restaurants. Some of this is complicated right now thanks to the calendars for May still not being available at the parks. We would like to know which nights certain events will be at locations so we can be there. It obviously makes sense to have dinner at those parks, or nearby so we can get to them.

One other little item, we need restaurants that are vegetarian friendly. JL and I have a kosher kitchen at home. When dining out JL prefers to eat vegetarian or fish (like salmon, mahi mahi, tuna…. not seafood) to make things easier for him. This has certainly nixed going to some restaurants that barely had any food options for him.

At this point we know that we will make the following reservations:

  • Chef Mickey – the evening that we arrive. Perhaps this will become an arrival day tradition. This reservation is already made since it can be done 180 days out.
  • Crystal Palace – likely for JSL’s 2nd birthday. He knows Winnie the Pooh and friends and should have a blast there (assuming the characters do not freak him out).
  • Boma – at the Animal Kingdom Lodge this restaurant has a buffet that has African specialities that look amazing.
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe – fun restuarant that has really expanded more options to JL since our honeymoon. We did not go there 8 years ago, but I loved the antics there when I was a kid.

With the four choices above, it only leaves us with three sit down meals that need to be covered. Of course we also need to figure out if we want to do a more leisurely breakfast and make reservations for that.

Places that are on the likely list for dinner:

  • Le Cellier – JL and I ate here twice on our honeymoon. It is an amazing restaurant that is now quite difficult to get into. Who knew it would become so popular over the years?!
  • Coral Reef – although it has mixed reviews we think the boys will love watching the fish. My parents and I also have fond memories of eating there years ago. Nothing like watching a waiter teach your little brother how to eat a lobster!

Still debating:

  • Spoodles – JL and I also ate here twice on our honeymoon. It was on the Boardwalk right near our hotel and had amazing food. Not too sure how the boys and my father will do here thanks to the limited menu that is online.
  • Marrakesh – The restaurant at Morocco in EPCOT looks fabulous, but I have read that the quick service Tangierine Cafe is great, so that may just hit the mediterranean fix we need.
  • Sci Fi Drive In – A really neat restaurant with decent food. JL and I went there on our honeymoon and think that the seating with the boys may be hard to deal with. This is probably a place we will leave to do when they are older and will appreciate the fun movies more.

That is the short list of places that we came up with using the restaurant information here, in the DIS discussion forums, and in books. There are so many options and everything sounds so amazing. This week we hope to have more information on park hours and night events so we can make our plans. With any luck, we will be able to get our reservations with no issue on the 90 day mark. I know my alarm will be set on that morning.

If you have been to Disney lately any dining suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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  • Nancy Talan says:

    I agree on the Sci-Fi Drive-In – keeping the kids contained, plus the “scary” movies shown, made the decision not to eat there pretty easy. When they’re older, definitely.

    One place I can recommend that was a pleasant surprise was the Sunshine Seasons cafeteria in the Land in Epcot. The place was a bit chaotic, not knowing what food was where, but they had a huge selection, and everything was really good. And we always enjoy the Biergarten in Germany but I don’t know how vegetarian-friendly it is. The Japanese restaurant has been renovated and renamed, in the past it was always good and fun – my kids love hibachi. Easy to get non-meat choices too.

    We had dinner at Columbia Harbour House in the MK, that was good too. Also cafeteria style. We were limited by our choices in November since we decided to go last minute, and being Thanskgiving weeked, all of the popular places were obviously booked.

    Good luck with your decision! We’re approaching the 180 mark for our trip in August so I need to make some decisions soon about Chef Mickey’s.

  • Shawna says:

    mmmmm . . .now I’m hungry! They all sound like great options! I’ve never been to Disney, so I had no idea what fun dining options there are!

  • Katie says:

    B, I am so excited for you guys!! I wish that I could hop in your suitcase with you. I miss Disney and can not wait till we are able to take the kids back down there. I know that you and the boys plus parents are going to have a fantastic time!! The resturants sound amazing!!

  • Kim says:

    I know y’all will have a blast!