Cold is an understatement

How sad is it that I am looking forward to 20 degree weather next week? Seriously, compared to the weather right now, that is going to be down right balmy.

The snow on Saturday  into Sunday was beautiful, although a pain to shovel and drive on. Still, even with the snow, the temperature was not extreme for winter in our parts.

Winter white

Today, the high will struggle to get to 8 degrees and that does not factor in the wind chill. Tonight, we will get actual readings well below zero. Tomorrow, the high may be a record (low of course) – one I would rather not hit.

So what is the weather like by you?

I know that parts in the north west are a lot worse than us with wind chill values reading -50 degrees or more. I can not understand that. When temperatures are this low it is impossible to breathe when you go outside, parts hurt within seconds. Yesterday when I picked NHL up from kindergarten JSL actually cried since the wind hurt so bad. I actually worried about the tears on his face freezing!

One thing that keeps me going is the fact that our Disney World vacation in the warmth is just around the corner. So for now I will cherish the sweet memories of our last trip and look forward to making memories there with our kids. 

2001 Disney Memories


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  • sheila says:

    At 6 am it was 5. At 8am minus 2. Tonight they say -10-12. Ooouy! lol. We’re in northeast ohio

  • Katie says:

    Stay Warm!!! At 11:05 here in Southern NJ we are at a whopping 24* and with a wind chill of 12*. It is cold every where today! Tomorrow is suppose to be much worse for us.

  • Tanya says:

    We hit a record low this morning with -44* here in ND. Currently it is -25* and that is without the wind chill factored in!

  • I stepped out in the garage and the door was open. I came in and I was shaking so bad. It is scary when it gets this cold.
    I am lovin’ my heater, coffee and slippers :)

  • Steffj89 says:

    well it has been as low as 12 today with a projected low in the night here of 8*. Now that may not sound as bad, but when you consider that Sunday afternoon it was 66*
    The high tomorrow is supposed to be 38* and highs over the weekend in the 50s. Totally irritating trying to take care of brand new infant and HAVING to take the other two out to the bus stop at the very least. We are soooo not used to this kind of weather…even when it snows its not usually this cold here….

  • Damselfly says:

    Wow, that is a lot of snow!


    I won’t tell you what the weather is here today. It was cool by our standards, but….


  • It was -17 when I left for work this morning. High is supposed to be 1 above. Brr . . .

  • Oh wow…that looks seriously cold!! I can’t even imagine temps like that!! Hope you guys are staying warm.