Grilling Goodness – Take 4


1. Have your children corrected you somehow this week? – NHL has recently learned to say "No Mommy you’re wrong!"  He does it when I simply tell him to do something. Ah, it starts so young (he is only 5).

2. Are you waiting for a particular something to happen? – Yes, very excited about going to Disney World soon! We get to finalize our dining reservations very soon.

3. Do you chat online? – I suppose if you count Twitter, Facebook or instant messaging (from time to time)

4. What is the oldest thing you own? – Several of my Nana’s items that she gave me.

5. What’s for dinner tonight? – Not really sure. Just made a list of meals for the week. Need to grocery shop today to get supplies.

6. Are you artistic? – I do not know if I would call myself artistic, but I am crafty.

7. Are you getting an income tax refund? Plans for it? – Not sure yet. Still waiting for a paper or two to get them done. Assuming we do it will be used for home repairs (darn ice) and down payment for a new car for JL.

8. Do you use ‘zero payments/zero interest for XX months’ to buy things? –
No way! If we can not afford something it is not purchased. Opening lines of credit like that is way too dangerous in my mind. 

Head over to Golden Goodness to play along!




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