Big brother’s new bike

Dear NHL ,

Just a week ago we went on an outing to buy you a new bike. We finally found one that you were a pro with and bought it for an early birthday present. Then things went a little crazy. We were trying on your helmet at home when your little brother gave us all the scare of our lives. I can not even imagine what was going through your mind as you witnessed everything that evening. You were brave and helped Daddy to look outside for the first responders. My heart broke as I carried JSL to the ambulance and I heard you crying.

For the last week you have been pretty understanding about all of the attention being on your little brother. You have helped us to give him his medicine, tried to make him laugh, and changed the television to Sesame Street to make him happy.

Last night you finally got a chance to test our your new bike at home. Like a champ, you went and showed us your stuff. Just a few years ago we wondered if you would have the strength to ride a regular bike, and now you have. We are so proud of you! Your hard work in physical therapy  has made your muscles so strong!

Today it made me smile to watch you go up and down Nana and Papa’s street and then around our block. You were so proud of your new bike, but the truth is you should be thrilled with your fabulous acomplishment. 

New bike comes home

Way to go big kid – I love you!




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