Spring FEVER update

Here is a brief history of what has happened so far with an update:

  • Just before dinner Saturday night JSL slumped over on the floor. Minutes before this he was playing and chasing after his big brother.
  • He turned blue, was rigid and had a locked jaw.
  • Eventually realized he was having a febrile seizure (previously had one 13 months before).
  • Went via ambulance to what we thought was the best ER for pediatric cases.
  • In the ER the only things they did was to take his temperature (confirmed it was a fever), gave him motrin, listened to his chest, looked in his ear.
  • WE had to ask for them to look in his mouth and down his throat to make sure it was not something there (strep/coxsakie virus)
  • Discharged by the ER quickly with NADA of a cause for the febrile seizure. They never once asked to do a blood test or anything further.
  • Sunday JSL played in the house and we kept Motrin and Tylenol in him.
  • I fell asleep next to him that night and woke up at midnight to the little guy thrashing about and frothing from his mouth. Temperature was at least 103.5 and he had his second febrile seizure in less than 30 hours.
  • Called our doctor at 12:30 at night. Agreed we should combat fever at home and not go back to useless ER.
  • Monday we took JSL to our doctor. Did strep test (negative) and checked other items.
  • Finally someone listened to us about the congestion JSL had been having at night for the past week (thought it was teething). Doctor saw his bloody nose, heard about the discolored mucous and said it sounded like a sinus infection.
  • One ear was blocked by a lot of wax and may have also been hiding an infection.
  • Given strong antibiotic to give JSL to attack whatever is getting his little body.
  • Kept alternating fever reducers every two hours for fear of another febrile seizure.
  • Wednesday morning JSL woke up and seemed cool at first. Within 15 minutes he was VERY warm again. 101 with the thermometer.
  • Called our doctor to let them know that we were still running a fever on day 2 of 5 with the antibiotic.
  • Doctor’s office wanted a urine specimen to check that possibility of infection that would not be covered on the antibiotic.
  • I questioned if a CBC blood test should be run. Sure enough our doctor did not know that it had not been done in the ER and requested one.
  • Took JSL to another hospital for the blood work. No luck getting blood. The phlebotomist was great, but JSL is a hard stick even without being partially dehydrated.
  • Last night got some urine to bring to the doctor today and got up every few hours all night to check on temperature.
  • This morning JSL’s temperature is at about 99 without any medications in him. His normal body temperature is 96, so this is still slightly elevated.
  • While doing a diaper change I now see a rash all over his tiny body. With new development off to call the doctor again.

This is the little guy yesterday. He climbed up on the couch and immediately took a nap on his own. 

Tired sick little guy


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