My little guy is 2 today

It is very hard to believe that my little boy, my boo-boo chicken monkey, is now two years old. The reality is that JSL is not a baby anymore. The sad part is that he is also starting to look and act like a full fledged toddler. Just a year ago I wrote a post about JSL turning 1. I spent hours sifting through photos to show the amazing changes that he had gone through in his first year. This year, the changes were not only physical. Over the last year JSL, has learned to walk, run, climb, jump, talk, sing, count to 10 (video here by JL), sing part of his ABC’s, appreciate story time, and explore the world around him.

Two years ago, I became the mother of two little boys.

May 2007 -  - Looking back JSL is 1!

JSL entered the world and made NHL a big brother. Our lives changed instantly in an amazing way. It is actually quite hard to imagine my world without my sweet little guy. JSL has kept us on our toes, worried us more than one can imagine (3 febrile seizures over the last 15 months) and made us smile and laugh frequently. 

Here is a look back from a few days after his 1st birthday. (May 2008)

Refreshed after a nap

How could anyone ever get angry with this face?  (June 2008) 

Cracker time

New fun adventures in the sun. (July 2008) 

First boating adventure

Learned new tricks daily. (August 2008)

So proud of his new trick

Ready to walk and go, go, go! (September 2008) 

Ready to get big brother

Refusing to keep shoes on, even in the cold – thank goodness he learned his lesson later on. (October 2008) 

 Houston . . . I think we have a problem!

It was hard letting him grow up. Eventually I gave in and let JSL have his first hair cut. (November 2008) 

Awake and time for Mommy hugs

Finally realizing the fun of Chanukah. (December 2008) 

JSL's 2nd Chanukah

A snuggle bug that loved spending time with his cousin S and Uncle I. (January 2009) 

Hanging out with Uncle I and Cousin S

Going to his first Sesame Street Live show. (February 2009) 

JSL on my lap and Cousin S dancing

Getting away for a weekend to visit cousins and did not want to swim. (March 2009) 

Did not want to swim

Celebrating Passover with family. (April 2009) 

Having fun during Seder


Dear JSL,

You have changed so much over the last year. It has been so much fun watching you grow, play, and learn. I love seeing you interact with your big brother and show your stuff. No matter how big you get, you will always be my baby boy.

My little guy

He knows he's cute

 Loves his "car car" PJ's

 I hope that you have a magical birthday at Disney World and remember that  I love you with all of my heart.


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