The Blue Screen of Death

Oy! You know it is bad when you see THAT blue screen on your computer. THAT blue screen came to my poor laptop yesterday afternoon. I turned on my computer and everything locked up, so I pushed the button to reboot. When it rebooted the evil blue screen of death appeared. I was not able to boot my computer in safe mode, nada worked.

When JL came home from work he was able to get my computer to boot with a rescue disk into Linux. Eventually he found the Windows Rescue disk and spent the entire evening doing two scan of the drives. Corrupt files from whatever happened were deleted.

This morning everything was complete. My computer now boots into Windows, but things are not working just right. I am sort of able to use the internet (man was I twitching from not having access last night) and Twirl can kind of work. Problem, the windows task bar is not visible and the drag and dropping does not work with anything on the screen. Wait, add copy and paste to the not working list.

I think JL may be taking my computer in to see if anyone at work has some ideas. Not sure what we are going to do if this computer has kicked the dust. I guess that will be figured out later. *sigh*

C’est Moi

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