It’s alive again!

I am happy to report that I am typing on my own working laptop. JL took my computer to work yesterday and let scans run on the side. No matter what was done, he was not able to make certain things work. In the end, we made sure that all of the last backups had everything that I needed from my computer. At that point, my laptop was wiped clean of everything that was on it. it was a last resort, but it worked.

Lesson to all –> Be sure to back up your important files (especially digital photos) often!  We were very lucky that we do this frequently.

Boy is my computer empty, but it works so smoothly . Several key items are still missing, like Microsoft Office since we can not find my CD for it. I feel much more connected today. Clearly the last two days were a sneak preview of what life is going to be like while at Disney World and I am unplugged from the internet world. Of course, at Disney World I will have so much to keep me busy. I will no longer take my laptop for granted and will cherish my time with it. Here it is when it traveled with me to my old room while the boys and I stayed with my parents a while back. 

My handy dandy laptop

I will definitely not take my laptop for granted again and will most definitely miss it while away, but going to Walt Disney World is worth it!


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