Grilling Goodness – Take 17



1. What’s the heaviest thing in your purse? It depends on whether I have things in the diaper bag or my purse. Most of the time it would be my double pack of EpiPens just in case I need them thanks to my walnut allergy.

2. Do you mostly use cash or debit/credit cards? Hardly ever have cash on me. I need to make an effort to keep at least a few dollars for emergencies.

3. Do you cut your hair shorter in the summer or pull it up a lot? I just had my hair majorly chopped before going to Disney World. It is about shoulder length when it curls up. I can pull it back when it is really hot, but most of the time it is in a headband.

C'est Moi a la mouse ears

4. Do you like your man scruffy or clean shaven? Hubby knows that I am not into stubble or face fuzz.

5. What have your children done/said to embarrass you lately? Let’s just say it involved a certain kindergarten kid and inappropriate behaviors that resulted in a phone call home.

6. Do you use plug-in type air fresheners around the house? No, most make me sneeze.

7. Do you have any interest in the NBA or NHL finals? (Do you even know who’s competing?) No real care about the NBA. I have to admit I have hardly followed the NHL this season. Used to follow hockey a lot — before marriage and kids. Of course last night my philosophy was anyone except the Wings. Goes back to AHL days for the reason.

8. What is weighing heavily on your mind lately? Not sure what to do about 1st grade next year for kindergarten kid. Will be spending a lot of time this summer researching all of our options.

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  • We rooted gfor the Penguins too – they took down the Capitals who look down our Rangers which made them the team to root for. :) And hmmm…. I would love to know what options you are considering for first grade. As you know I am petrified of kindergarten.