Grilling Goodness – Take 19


This was posted on Friday, but we were on the road. Just got home from a long weekend visiting my brother, SIL and sweet little niece. Now we are home and getting the kids ready for bed and hoping back into EA Sports Active. I will be finishing up my 30 Day Challenge tomorrow!

1. When you were growing up dreaming of having children…dreaming of what their names would be…did you stick with those names? – In my family (and hubby’s too) we follow the Jewish tradition of naming after special people that have passed away. Names of my future children were never really in my head, just knew I would have kids. However, a name I loved growing up is the name of my niece.

2. Are you affected by the death of Michael Jackson? – I will admit that I was stuck watching Twitter and online media as things were unfolding. I grew up with MJ and it is very sad to watch how his life unfolded.

3. Do you use your dishwasher and your fireplace? – Definitely use our dishwasher, but no fireplace here. Even if we had one I would never use it since the smoke bothers my lungs and asthma.

4. Have you ever been on a mission trip? – No, but a lot of my former students had.

5. Will your kids participate in a Vacation Bible school this summer? – We’re Jewish and do Hebrew School all year.

6. What about the economy is affecting you the worst? – Worrying about savings and the future, especially for the kids. Thanks to increasing costs of everything the day to day tasks can really get to you.

7. Do your kids do chores? – We are starting to give chores to NHL (almost 6 and going into 1st grade).

8. Do you use energy efficient light bulbs? – Yes, I think there are only a handful of bulbs (in places we rarely go) still have the regular bulbs.

Head over to Golden Goodness to play along!


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  • sheila says:

    1. I didn’t stick with any pre-delivery names
    2. Slightly, but is he really dead? Hmmmm
    3. Yes, and Yes (we use a fireplace INSERT…still a fireplace with no smoke/yuckies in the air)
    4. No
    5. No
    6. In everyway. College planning, eating, day to day living.
    7. MY GOD YES! lol
    8. Yes. Although I did you know you should not dispose of them in the trash? Mercury. More than regular light bulbs.

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