No cherry picking this year

Eating cherries in summer brings back a lot of childhood memories. I remember going to the store and picking pounds of cherries and taking them home to gobble up. I also recall when cherries cost under a dollar a pound. *sigh*

Last summer we went to visit my brother and his family. While there we decided to try something new. We went cherry picking. We had an amazing time wandering the fields and picking 22 pounds of cherries.Yes, you read that correctly, just check out the buckets of cherries below.

Yum-o . . . . 22 pounds of cherries!

Did I mention the cherries were amazing? The variety, size, sweetness and price of the cherries made it even better. We ate a ton of them over the time we were visiting and brought lots home to share with family and friends. We had hoped to be able to go cherry picking again while visiting, but sadly the crops are not ready. Instead we will find something else fun to do in the area (perhaps the zoo) and of course make another attempt at getting a cousin photo. Once again photo mission impossible remains. Here is one of them from last year:


Three cousins - Take 3

So hard to believe that all of the kids have grown up so much. Memo to the kiddos –> stop growing up so quickly!



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  • Lisanne says:

    Is that the cherry place that you were telling me about? When will the crop be ready? I’ll have to give them a call. So close to where we live!