3 Things You Did Not Know About Me

Welcome to The Angel Forever to those that are new from the MckLinky Blog Hop. This is my first week participating. Many of my blogging friends were participating, so I wanted to join in the fun.

This week the theme is 3 Things You Did Not Know About Me. So here is my list for the week:

1. I started off college in pharmacy school and after two and a half miserable years I left to pursue my dream of teaching. I liked the idea of being a pharmacist (100% job placement and the salary), but always wanted to teach. One day I hope to be back in a classroom, but for now am happy being a SAHM with my two boys.

2. On the teaching front many people may not realize where my last teaching job was. I was the nice Jewish girl teaching at a private Catholic school. It was a fabulous learning experience for me.

3. Hubby and I met in a fairly unique way in 1999. With a wrong click of the mouse, I stumbled into a Yahoo chat room while working on something for college. Something caught my eye before I clicked the window closed. I messaged TechyDad and we started to chat. For several weeks we met online talking, eventually talked on the phone and finally met in person. It was a long distance relationship for quite some time. We did the online dating thing before it was hip and so widely accepted.


Feel free to hop around my blog and check things out. I am a SAHM of two little boys (NHL = almost 6 and JSL = just 2) and wife to TechyDad. As you will see we recently went to Disney World for our first family vacation and this weekend we used our Six Flags season passes for some close to home fun. 

Please check out some of the other participants and join in the fun.


MckLinky Blog Hop

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  • RobMonroe says:

    My wife went to college to be a doctor and is now a Chemistry teacher! She’s very grateful that she made the career choice that she did.

    RobMonroe’s last blog post..She’s a Graduate!

  • Thanks for sharing your 3 things with us. Having spent many years in the Catholic School system (I’m now almost-70), I’ll bet I would have loved being in your classes.

    Evelyn Mayfield’s last blog post..Summery Poncho Fun

  • Rebecca Jo says:

    Visiting from the Blog Hop!

    I always wanted to be a Pharmacist myself… ended up in accounting – HUH? Long story! :)

    Cute story on how you met your husband! You never know where love lurks!

    Rebecca Jo’s last blog post..Blog Hop